New York 1825 U.S. Senate, Senate Vote 1

U.S. Senate (Federal)
U.S. Senator
New York 1825 U.S. Senate, Senate Vote 1
New York
First Ballot
U.S. Senate/U.S. Senator
Ambrose Spencer, James Tallmadge, Edward P. Livingston, Victory Birdseye, Samuel Young, John W. Taylor, Henry Seymour, Henry Wheaton, Samuel Beardsley, Henry Huntington, John Sudam, J. T. Irvine, J. Wilson, D. E. Evans, J. C. Yates , William Paulding, Jr., R. Crane
Candidates: Ambrose SpencerJames TallmadgeEdward P. LivingstonVictory BirdseyeSamuel YoungJohn W. TaylorHenry SeymourHenry WheatonSamuel BeardsleyHenry HuntingtonJohn SudamJ. T. IrvineJ. WilsonD. E. EvansJ. C. Yates William Paulding, Jr.R. Crane
Final Result: -----------------


[1]"Mr. Wilkeson then offered a resolution declaring Ambrose Spencer the candidate duly nomited onthe part of the senate. LOST - Ayes 11, Noes 20. Mr. Wilkeson then offered a similar resolution that James Tallmadge be the candidate of the Senate. Laid on the table." Saratoga Sentinel February 8, 1825
[2]"But the proceedings of the Senate, in this particular, caps the climax of the whole: There were 31 members present, and the first nomination, Ambrose Spencer, Esq. received 10 votes, James Tallmadge, Esq. 2, and J. W. Taylor, Esq. 2, besides a host of others, making a nomination of no lesss than 17 different persons, by this august assembly. The second trail, was equally unsuccessful, and there is no prospect of the two houses agreeing on a candidate." Ballston Spa Gazette (Ballston Spa, NY). February 8, 1825


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