New York 1808 U.S. House of Representatives, District 11

U.S. House of Representatives (Federal)
U.S. Congressman
New York 1808 U.S. House of Representatives, District 11
New York
First Ballot
U.S. House of Representatives/U.S. Congressman
Thomas R. Gold, Joshua Hatheway, Samuel S. Forman, Francis Henry, Roswell Hopkins, Henry MacNeil, Wilhelmus Mynderse, Sylvanus Smalley, Francis A. Bloodgood, Erastus Cleveland, Silas Halsey, Samuel Marsh, Walter Martin, Luther Rich, William Whipple, Oliver Brown, John W. Bulkeley, Henry Huntington, David Van Horne, Jarvis Fox, Thomas N. Hamilton, Joseph Mott, Jarvis Pike, Nathan Sage, Pascal C.J. DeAugelis, Thomas Hart, Benjamin Wright
Candidates: Thomas R. Gold[1]Joshua HathewaySamuel S. FormanFrancis HenryRoswell HopkinsHenry MacNeilWilhelmus MynderseSylvanus SmalleyFrancis A. BloodgoodErastus ClevelandSilas HalseySamuel MarshWalter MartinLuther RichWilliam WhippleOliver BrownJohn W. BulkeleyHenry HuntingtonDavid Van HorneJarvis FoxThomas N. HamiltonJoseph MottJarvis PikeNathan SagePascal C.J. DeAugelisThomas HartBenjamin Wright
Final Result: [2]382129596666654444444333322222111
District of Eleven382129596666654444444333322222111
Madison County1246110333333434443343313--------
Oneida County[3][4][5][6][7]257518563333311---11---2-22222111
Town of Augusta211105-------------------------
Town of Boonville6912-------------------------
Town of Bridgewater11262-------------------------
Town of Camden8548-------------------------
Town of Deerfield10987-------------------------
Town of Florence1920-------------------------
Town of Floyd4699-------------------------
Town of Fredericksburgh1034-------------------------
Town of Mexico[8]4837-------------------------
Town of Orange3520-------------------------
Town of Paris488168-------------------------
Town of Redfield452-------------------------
Town of Remsen2232-------------------------
Town of Richland3149-------------------------
Town of Rome95177-------------------------
Town of Sangerfield18135-------------------------
Town of Steuben7086-------------------------
Town of Trenton12450-------------------------
Town of Vernon12980-------------------------
Town of Verona6382-------------------------
Town of Western[9]15252-------------------------
Town of Westmoreland14746-------------------------
Town of Whitestown440186-------------------------
Town of Williamstown1736-------------------------


[2]John W. Bulkley, Oliver Brown, Erastus Cleveland, Samuel Marsh, William Whipple, Nathan Sage, Jarvis Pike, Thomas H. Hamilton, Joseph Mott, and Benjamin Wright were candidates for Assembly. Francis A. Bloodgood, Samuel Forman, Silas Halsey, Francis Henry, Roswell Hopkins, Walter Martin, Wilhelmus Mynderse, Luther Rich, and Sylvanus Smalley were candidates for State Senate.
[3]Thomas R. Gold received 1 vote as Thos. R. Gold, 1 vote as Thomas R. Guld, 1 vote as Thomas Rold and 2 votes as Thomas Gold.
[4]Joshua Hatheway received 1 vote as Jonathan Hatheway.
[5]Sylvanus Smalley received 1 vote as Sylvanus Smally.
[6]Utica Patriot (Utica, NY) reports 2570 votes for Thomas R. Gold in Oneida County; however, the sum of totals per town is 2560.
[7]Utica Patriot (Utica, NY) reports 1855 votes for Joshua Hatheway in Oneida County; however, the sum of totals per town is 1765.
[8]Utica Patriot (Utica, NY) reports 38 votes for Thomas R. Gold and 47 votes for Joshua Hatheway in Mexico.
[9]Utica Patriot (Utica, NY) reports 152 votes for Joshua Hatheway in Western.


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