Maine 1823 U.S. House of Representatives, District 3

U.S. House of Representatives (Federal)
U.S. Congressman
Maine 1823 U.S. House of Representatives, District 3
First Ballot
U.S. House of Representatives/U.S. Congressman
Mark L. Hill, Ebenezer Herrick, Jeremiah Bailey, Daniel Rose, Samuel Thatcher, Benjamin Ames, Samuel E. Smith, Nathaniel Dole, T. Lewis, Abel Merrill, Hezekiah P. Allen, John S. Wright, Ebenezer D. Robinson, Daniel Siders, Jonathan Thayer, Ebenezer Thatcher, Edwin Smith, Isaac Barnard, Peleg Tallman, Thomas Trundy
Candidates: Mark L. HillEbenezer HerrickJeremiah BaileyDaniel RoseSamuel ThatcherBenjamin AmesSamuel E. SmithNathaniel DoleT. LewisAbel MerrillHezekiah P. AllenJohn S. WrightEbenezer D. RobinsonDaniel SidersJonathan ThayerEbenezer ThatcherEdwin SmithIsaac BarnardPeleg TallmanThomas Trundy
Final Result: [1][2]1191986863587126321111111111111
District of Three1191986863587126321111111111111
Lincoln County1191986863587126321111111111111
Town of Alna4213423---1------------
Town of Bath83193381-2--1---------1-
Town of Boothbay33--81----------------
Town of Bowdoin11188-4----------------
Town of Bowdoinham1225-------11---------
Town of Bristol[3]--------------------
Town of Camden3212732----------------
Town of Cushing40-6-----------------
Town of Dresden785325----------------
Town of Edgecomb39-10615-------1--------
Town of Friendship34-------------------
Town of Georgetown1256------------------
Town of Hope103514-----------------
Town of Nobleborough38-44107----------------
Town of Jefferson763543----------------
Town of New Castle4445323--------11------
Town of Phipsburg122415-----------------
Town of Richmond1704-----------------
Town of Saint George15--31----------------
Town of Thomaston72--104----------------
Town of Topsham158717--1--------1-----
Town of Union3111311-----------111--
Town of Waldoborough521108634---------------
Town of Warren674--92---------------
Town of Whitefield175-115----------------
Town of Wiscasset7131374--2------------1
Town of Woolwich281861----------------


[1]Maine law required a majority to elect for the U.S. House of Representatives. A 2nd Trial would be held on June 30, 1823.
[2]"It is certain from the above returns that there is no election in this District. We hope that on the next trial, the people may be induced to discard personal feeling, and unite in some man who on consultation may be thought best able to promote to good of the country, and most faithful to his constituents." Maine Gazette (Bath, ME). April 11, 1823.
[3]There were no votes recorded in Bristol.


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