New York 1824 Assembly, Jefferson County

Assembly (State)
New York 1824 Assembly, Jefferson County
New York
First Ballot
John B. Esselstyne, Richard Goodell, George White, Titus Ives, John MacComber, George Andrus, Nicoll Fosdick, Daniel Huginin, Jr., Horace Allen, Egbert Ten Eyck, Truman Enos, Erastus Root, Samuel Young, Ethel Bronson, Titus Y. Carr, Walter Cole, William D. Ford, Benjamin Macomber, Abner Morton
Candidates: John B. EsselstyneRichard GoodellGeorge WhiteTitus IvesJohn MacComberGeorge AndrusNicoll FosdickDaniel Huginin, Jr.Horace AllenEgbert Ten EyckTruman EnosErastus RootSamuel YoungEthel BronsonTitus Y. CarrWalter ColeWilliam D. FordBenjamin MacomberAbner Morton
Final Result: [1][2]2691268826852675266826644433222111111
Jefferson County2691268826852675266826644433222111111
Town of Adams[3]198198198187187195-------------
Town of Alexandria451464514614645-------------
Town of Antwerp[4]170184170184184170-------------
Town of Brownville[5]176175176174175175-------------
Town of Champion176130177130130176-------------
Town of Ellisburgh300234300235235296-------------
Town of Henderson[6]108141110140140110-------------
Town of Hounsfield312733117272311-------------
Town of LeRay114172114172169113-------------
Town of Lorraine115411173940116-------------
Town of Lyme112112103105108103-------------
Town of Orleans174265174263263172-------------
Town of Parmelia731357313513273-------------
Town of Philadelphia404040404040-------------
Town of Rodman851628416116182-------------
Town of Rutland110197110197195110-------------
Town of Watertown284257284258254278-------------
Town of Wilna993799373799-------------


[1]Supporters of DeWitt Clinton were known under several labels. While the older Clintonian / Federalist was still used, many were listed and ran as candidates of the People's Party with others favoring the term of Anti-Caucus. Those in opposition to DeWitt Clinton, although mainly Republicans were in this election also being referred to as King Caucus candidates and often called Bucktails.
[2]Nicoll Fosdick, Daniel Huginin, Jr., Horace Allen and Egbert Ten Eyck were candidates for Congress. Samuel Young was a candidate for Governor. Erastus Root was a candidate for Lieutenant Governor.
[3]George White received 3 votes as George While.
[4]John B. Esselstyne received 2 votes as John Esselstyne.
[5]Richard Goodell received 2 votes as Richard Goodhell.
[6]Richard Goodell received 2 votes as Richard Goodbell.


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