New York 1824 Electoral College, Special

Electoral College (Federal)
New York 1824 Electoral College, Special
New York
First Ballot
Electoral College/Elector
William Mann, John Taylor, John Woodworth, Benjamin Knower, Thadeus Jewett, John W. Taylor
Electors: William Mann[1]John Taylor[2]John WoodworthBenjamin KnowerThadeus JewettJohn W. Taylor
Presidential Candidate:
Final Result: [3][4][5]24225861
Electoral College of New York24225861


[3]"The Electoral College of New York, for the choice of President and Vice President of the United States, pursuant to law, assembled in the Senate Chamber at the Capital in Albany, on Tuesday last. Col. Marinus Willet, of the City of New York, was unanimously called to preside, and ex-chancellor John Lansing, Jun. was unanimously chosen Secretary. The list of Electors, as certified by his Excellency Joseph C. Yates, was then called, when it appeared that all were present, excepting Ebenezer Sage, of Suffolk, Richard Blauvelt, of Rockland, and Timothy H. Porter of Cattaraugus. Mr. William Seeley was appointed doorkeeper. Three oclock P.M. The college met pursuant to adjournment, when Mr. Blauvelt, of Rockland, appeared and took his seat. The Secretary read a communication from Mr. Sage, of Suffolk, to his Excellency, stating in substance, that through age and ill health, he was unable to attend. On motion the college then proceeded by ballot to the choice of two electors to supply the vacancies. . The votes were canvassed It was thereupon declared from the choice, that John Taylor, of Albany and William Mann, of Schoharie, were duly chosen to fill the vacancies of Timothy H. Porter and Ebenezer Sage. The college then adjourned till to-morrow, 11 oclock." The Watch-Tower (Cooperstown, NY). December 6, 1824.
[4]"On calling the Electors, it appeared that all were present, with the exception of Ebenezer Sage, of Suffolk county, Timothy H. Porter, of Cattaraugus county, and Richard Blauvelt, of Rockland county. .... Of those absent, Mr. Porter was considered as the friend of Mr. Clay, and the two others a on the Adams ticket." New Hampshire Statesman (Dover). December 13, 1824.
[5]In spite of this election, Ebenezer Sage and Timothy Porter are listed as having voted in the Electoral College, not William Mann and John Taylor.


The Watch-Tower (Cooperstown, NY). December 6, 1824.
Oswego Palladium (Oswego, NY). December 11, 1824.
New-Hampshire Statesman (Concord, NH). December 13, 1824.

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