Massachusetts 1811 House of Representatives, Rehoboth

House of Representatives (State)
State Representative
Massachusetts 1811 House of Representatives, Rehoboth
First Ballot
House of Representatives/State Representative
Caleb Abell, Elkanah French, Sebray Lawton, John Mebury, Timothy Walker, Peter Hunt
Candidates: Caleb Abell[1]Elkanah French[2]Sebray Lawton[3]John Mebury[4]Timothy Walker[5]Peter Hunt
Final Result: [6][7]23232323232
Town of Rehoboth23232323232


[6]"On Monday 13th Rehoboth voted not to choose any Representative, and dissolved the meeting. Another meeting was held on Saturday, without legal notice, 25 votes only were given, 5 Demos were declared elected, and the meeting ended amidst a riot." Salem Gazette (Salem, MA). May 21, 1811.
[7]"This town held a meeting on Saturday last for the choice of Representatives. The poll was to be opened at 12 o'clock; but the Federalists obtained the keys of the meeting house, and blocked up every avenue, so that when the Selectmen arrived, it was with difficulty they obtained their seats!! The warrant was then read; after which the Chairman declared the meeting opened, and informed the citizens they might bring in their votes, when a scandalous scene of riot and confusion commenced. A gang of desperadoes, who had previously threatened the Republicans, stopped all the avenues to the Selectmen's table, and swore they would KILL the first man that attempted to vote! The Selectmen ordered one of the Constables to take out a man for riotous conduct, which was accordingly done. This did not allay the fury of the FEDERAL MOB, who had previously determined to create a riot, amid which, if possible to prevent the election. During this disgraceful transcation, in which the federalists began their system of ANARCHY, by following the orders from the BRITISH JUNTO of BOSTON, the Selectmen were infamously abused, and one of them was STRUCK! The Constables were knocked down, and persons attempting to give in their votes were forcibly pulled back from the polls! One aged Republican was knocked down, trampled upon by the Federal Mob, and it is feared will die of his bruises! This riot and confusion continued for some time, when the Selectmen, finding that no more of the citizens could approach the polls, on account of the Federal Rioters, told them, that unless they desisted, and suffered the citizens peaceably to vote, they would close the poll with what votes they had; the riot still continuing, they accordingly did close it; and declared to the meeting that there were twenty-five votes received; necessary to a choice, 13; that the following gentlemen had 23 each, and were chosen, viz. CALEB ABELL, JOHN MEDBURY, SEBRAY LAWTON, ELKANAH FRENCH and TIMOTHY WALKER; and that PETER HUNT had two votes. The Selectmen then ordered the certificates to be made out, which was accordingly done. Thus, notwithstanding the riotous and jacobinical proceedings of men acting under orders of two or three British Partizans in Boston, Five Republican Representatives were legally chosen in Rehoboth." The Essex Register (Salem, MA). May 22, 1811.


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The Essex Register (Salem, MA). May 22, 1811.
The Essex Register (Salem, MA). May 27, 1811.

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