Massachusetts 1788 Electoral College, Cumberland, Lincoln and York District

Court of Common Pleas President (Federal)
Massachusetts 1788 Electoral College, Cumberland, Lincoln and York District
First Ballot
Court of Common Pleas President/Elector
David Sewall, Daniel Coney, Nathaniel Wells, Josiah Thatcher, William Wedgerry, William Lithgow, Jr., Samuel Thompson, Samuel Nason, Peleg Wadsworth, Stephen Longfellow, Edmund Phinney, Henry Dearborn, Dummer Sewall, Thomas Rice, William Gorham, William Cunningham, Thomas Cutts, Tristram Jordan, Enoch Isley, George Thacker, Ichabod Goodwin, Joseph Noyes, Joshua Bailey Osgood, John Frost, John Lewis, James Parrington, James Carr, Edward Cutts, Daniel Davis, John Fox, John Sevett
Electors: David Sewall[1]Daniel Coney[2]Nathaniel WellsJosiah ThatcherWilliam WedgerryWilliam Lithgow, Jr.Samuel ThompsonSamuel NasonPeleg WadsworthStephen LongfellowEdmund PhinneyHenry DearbornDummer SewallThomas RiceWilliam GorhamWilliam CunninghamThomas CuttsTristram JordanEnoch IsleyGeorge ThackerIchabod GoodwinJoseph NoyesJoshua Bailey OsgoodJohn FrostJohn LewisJames ParringtonJames CarrEdward CuttsDaniel DavisJohn FoxJohn Sevett
Presidential Candidate:George Washington / John Adams
Final Result: [3][4][5][6][7][8]23121319616815712769434337373534292422222016161210765211111
Cumberland County55-7094----23-37-1622----1614----5----1-
Town of Bakerstown[9]-------------------------------
Town of Bridgetown[10]-------------------------------
Town of Brunswick[11]-------------------------------
Town of Cape Elisabeth[12]-------------------------------
Town of Falmouth[13]-------------------------------
Town of Gorham--130----4-30--------1-----------
Town of Gray[14]-------------------------------
Town of Harpswell10--10---------------------------
Town of New Gloucester---16--------16------------------
Town of North Yarmouth21------------21-----------------
Town of Portland--4538---------1-----6---------1-
Town of Raymondstown[15]-------------------------------
Town of Royalsboro[16]-------------------------------
Town of Scarboro24-24----------------------------
Town of Standish--------19---------16-----5------
Town of Turner[17]-------------------------------
Town of Windham----------7--------7-----------
Lincoln County3421341338980441-37-351872422---2-1---21----
Town of Balltown[18]-------------------------------
Town of Bath1-19---------18------------------
Town of Belfast[19]-------------------------------
Town of Boothbay[20]-------------------------------
Town of Bowdoinham[21]-------------------------------
Town of Bristol[22]-------------------------------
Town of Canaan-43---------33-------------------
Town of Edgecombe22--------------22---------------
Town of Georgetown--22--22-------------------------
Town of Green-8--12--------4-----------------
Town of Hallowell-48-21-26---2----------------1----
Town of Howardstown[23]-------------------------------
Town of Lewistown[24]-------------------------------
Town of Machias[25]-------------------------------
Town of Medencook[26]-------------------------------
Town of New Castle----42-43------------------------
Town of Norridgewalk-35-------35---------------------
Town of Pittstown[27]-------------------------------
Town of Pownalboro11----13----------------------1--
Town of Saint George[28]-------------------------------
Town of Sterlington[29]-------------------------------
Town of Thomastown[30]-------------------------------
Town of Topsham---12210-1-----------2-----2-----
Town of Vassalboro-38--4--------324------1---------
Town of Waldoboro[31]-------------------------------
Town of Wales[32]-------------------------------
Town of Walpole[33]-------------------------------
Town of Warren[34]-------------------------------
Town of Winslow-6--6------2-------------------
Town of Winthrop-35--2391------------------------
Town of Woolwich[35]-------------------------------
York County142-85416847254220-------2220--12976---1--1
Town of Arundel--1915------------5--------------
Town of Berwick4---84-8-----------------------
Town of Biddeford18-1181--------------------------
Town of Brownfield[36]-------------------------------
Town of Buxton--8-----17-----------12----------
Town of Coxhall11---------------12--------------
Town of Francisboro[37]-------------------------------
Town of Fryburgh--45------------------7--------
Town of Kittery25----15-------------------------
Town of Lebanon[38]-------------------------------
Town of Limerick10-------3--------6-------------
Town of Little Ossifree[39]-------------------------------
Town of Littlefalls[40]-------------------------------
Town of Massabareck[41]-------------------------------
Town of Parsonsfield[42]-------------------------------
Town of Pepperrelboro12-16--------------14-----6-------
Town of Sandford9---23--23-------------9---------
Town of Shapleigh--10-25-25---------5--------------
Town of Washington[43]-------------------------------
Town of Wells20243------------------------1---
Town of York332--1128-11----------------------1


[3]Massachusetts had a unique method for choosing its Presidential Electors. In each of the eight Congressional districts, voters voted for two electors. The Massachusetts General Court would then chose one Elector from among the top two candidates in each district to go along with two at-large Electors chosen solely by the General Court.
[4]"The Massachusetts Elecion Resolutions of 20 November 1788 provided that on 18 December, when the voters cast their votes for Representatives in each district, they should also vote for two men as presidential Electors. The votes were to be sent to the Secretary of the Commonwealth by Monday, 5 January, and on 7 January the legislature in joint session would elect on eof the two men receiving the highest number of votes in each district. The legislature would then elect two Electors from the state at large from among men who had not received votes as Electors in any district. When the votes were returned to the Secretary, it was revealed that more than 220 men had received votes, including virtually every Federalist leader in the state. The Federalist-controlled legilature therefore hurriedly passed a resolution on 6 January declaring that anyone not disqualified by the Constitution 'shall be considered as eligible for an Elector at large, any resolve to the contrary notwithstanding' (see House and Seate Proceedings, 6 January." The Documentary History of the First Federal Elections: 1788-1790, Volume I. Merrill Jensen, Robert A. Becker, editors. University of Wisconsin Press. 1976. p. 529.
[5]David Sewall was chosen by the Massachusetts General Court as the Elector for the Essex District.
[6]There were no party affiliations or Presidential preferences listed with the candidates. David Sewall voted for George Washington and John Adams in the Electoral College.
[7]Elections for Presidential Electors were held on December 18, 1788. The Massachusetts General Court then selected the 10 Electors on January 7, 1789. The Electors voted for President on February 4, 1789.
[8]"The elections in the country have, in general, been very thinly attended - owing in some measure to the late fall of snow, making the passing bad." Massachusetts Centinel (Boston). December 20, 1788.
[9]There were no votes recorded in Bakerstown.
[10]There were no votes recorded in Bridgetown.
[11]There were no votes recorded in Brunswick.
[12]There were no votes recorded in Cape Elizabeth.
[13]There were no votes recorded in Falmouth.
[14]There were no votes recorded in Gray.
[15]There were no votes recorded in Raymondstown.
[16]There were no votes recorded in Royalsboro.
[17]There were no votes recorded in Turner.
[18]There were no votes recorded in Balltown.
[19]There were no votes recorded in Belfast.
[20]There were no votes recorded in Boothbay.
[21]There were no votes recorded in Bowdoinham.
[22]There were no votes recorded in Bristol.
[23]There were no votes recorded in Howardstown.
[24]There were no votes recorded in Lewistown.
[25]There were no votes recorded in Machias.
[26]There were no votes recorded in Medencook.
[27]There were no votes recorded in Pittstown.
[28]There were no votes recorded in Saint George.
[29]There were no votes recorded in Sterlington.
[30]There were no votes recorded in Thomastown.
[31]There were no votes recorded in Waldoboro.
[32]There were no votes recorded in Wales.
[33]There were no votes recorded in Walpole.
[34]There were no votes recorded in Warren.
[35]There were no votes recorded in Woolwich.
[36]There were no votes recorded in Brownfield.
[37]There were no votes recorded in Francisboro.
[38]There were no votes recorded in Lebanon.
[39]There were no votes recorded in Little Ossifree.
[40]There were no votes recorded in Littlefalls.
[41]There were no votes recorded in Massabareck.
[42]There were no votes recorded in Parsonsfield.
[43]There were no votes recorded in Washington.


Official Massachusetts Records.
Massachusetts Centinel (Boston). December 20, 1788.
The Documentary History of the First Federal Elections: 1788-1790, Volume I. Merrill Jensen, Robert A. Becker, editors. University of Wisconsin Press. 1976. p. 441-511, 529-542.

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