New York 1806 Assembly, New York County

Assembly (State)
New York 1806 Assembly, New York County
New York
First Ballot
Henry Rutgers, John Bingham, Samuel Russel, Benjamin Ferris, Arthur Smith, W. W. Gilbert, Clarkson Crolius, James Warner, Francis Cooper, John Townsend, Egbert Benson, J. Hoffman, Selah Strong, W. Henderson, W. Van Zandt, Jr., Gabriel Furman, Washington Morton, George Schnielzel, Thomas Storm, Peter R. Livingston, Cortlandt VanBeuren, Joshua Barker, William Cutting, James Ferris, Theodocius Fowler, William Kibbe, Robert Gilchrist
Candidates: Henry RutgersJohn BinghamSamuel RusselBenjamin FerrisArthur SmithW. W. GilbertClarkson CroliusJames WarnerFrancis CooperJohn TownsendEgbert BensonJ. HoffmanSelah StrongW. HendersonW. Van Zandt, Jr.Gabriel FurmanWashington MortonGeorge SchnielzelThomas StormPeter R. LivingstonCortlandt VanBeurenJoshua BarkerWilliam CuttingJames FerrisTheodocius FowlerWilliam KibbeRobert Gilchrist
Final Result: [1]389538923873385838573849384338343831335433443327331132913287327232713251193161158152140140137137134
New York County389538923873385838573849384338343831335433443327331132913287327232713251193161158152140140137137134
City of New York[2]389538923873385838573849384338343831335433443327331132913287327232713251193161158152140140137137134
Ward One[3][4]31230830729930330730230029256957056556655956255755755323610975789
Ward Two[5]3223283223213233233273253225165145145145115115085044989611664665
Ward Three[6]347348345346336338340338338466467464460456451454448450261315121112101010
Ward Four476474477468470463466461462444439434439435434434435432221514131312131512
Ward Five764755746749753744739740748370381379364362362356364355141125111114108100103105102
Ward Six[7]409409408408408408405408409250251250248250250249248249312111111
Ward Seven816819817816817817815815812444439441441438437435433437121091076877
Ward Eight3473503493493463483473463471961941921921921921911951922--------
Ward Nine102101102102101101102101101898988878888888785---------


[1]Some sources list the Lewisite candidates as "His Excellency's Ticket."
[2]The Commercial Advertiser, May 7; New-York Evening Post (New York, NY), May 5; New-York Herald (New York, NY), May 7; and Mercantile Advertiser, May 6, list 128 votes for James Ferris in New York City.
[3]The Republicatn Watch-Tower, May 9, and the American Citizen (New York, NY), May 3, list 576 votes for Egbert Benson in Ward 1.
[4]The Albany Register (Albany, NY), May 13, lists 9 votes for Theodosius Fowler in Ward 1.
[5]The Republican Watch-Tower (New York, NY), May 9, and the American Citizen (New York, NY), May 3, list 323 votes for Samuel Russel in Ward 2.
[6]The Republican Watch-Tower (New York, NY), May 9, and the American Citizen (New York, NY), May 3, list 341 votes for Clarkson Crolius in Ward 3.
[7]The Republican Watch-Tower (New York, NY), May 9, and the American Citizen (New York, NY), May 3, list 248 votes for W. VanZandt, Jr. and 250 votes for Washington Morton in Ward 6.


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