New York 1816 U.S. House of Representatives, District 20, Special

U.S. House of Representatives (Federal)
U.S. Congressman
New York 1816 U.S. House of Representatives, District 20, Special
New York
First Ballot
U.S. House of Representatives/U.S. Congressman
Daniel Avery, Charles Kellogg, Elijah Miller, Edward Rowen, Jr., Samuel W. Burnham, Samuel Kellogg, Danile Stewart, John Simmons, John Applegate, Jesse Bartholomew, John Metcalf, William Helm, James Sims, Daniel Cruger, Caleb Baker, Nathan Bell, Joseph Farrand, Ben Johnson, Albert M. Crandell, Jabez Cook, John Selfridge, Eutichus Champlin, Josiah J. Jones, James Ford, James Ford, Jr., Thomas MacBurney, John Warmley, Jr., Walter Patrick, William B. Jones, Peter Allen, James H. Russell, Henry Wells
Candidates: Daniel Avery[1]Charles Kellogg[2]Elijah MillerEdward Rowen, Jr.Samuel W. BurnhamSamuel KelloggDanile StewartJohn SimmonsJohn ApplegateJesse BartholomewJohn MetcalfWilliam HelmJames SimsDaniel CrugerCaleb BakerNathan BellJoseph FarrandBen JohnsonAlbert M. CrandellJabez CookJohn SelfridgeEutichus ChamplinJosiah J. JonesJames FordJames Ford, Jr.Thomas MacBurneyJohn Warmley, Jr.Walter PatrickWilliam B. JonesPeter AllenJames H. RussellHenry Wells
Final Result: [3]191516411494444322222221111112111111111
District of Twenty191516411494444322222221111111111111111
Cayuga County8151197-------2------1---------------
Town of Aureluis25540------------------------------
Town of Brutus24218------------------------------
Town of Cato1095------------------------------
Town of Dryden[4]3959-------2----------------------
Town of Genoa11779------------------------------
Town of Locke1784------------------------------
Town of Mentz6739--------------1---------------
Town of Owasco5517------------------------------
Town of Scipio44338------------------------------
Town of Sempronius2696------------------------------
Town of Sterling286------------------------------
Town of Wolcott124------------------------------
Seneca County5951524-----3--------11111----------
Town of Fayette821------------------------------
Town of Galen-39-----------------11-----------
Town of Hector97-3-----------------------------
Town of Junius844------------------------------
Town of Ovid138161--------------11-------------
Town of Romulus4959------------------------------
Town of Ulysses14533------3------------1----------
Steuben County353411094444--2222--------211111111-
Town of Addison-2-6----------------------------
Town of Bath4210--4---------------------------
Town of Canisteo37-------------------------------
Town of Cohocton34-------------------------------
Town of Dansville34-------------------------------
Town of Howard11----4--------------------------
Town of Jersey71------------------------------
Town of Painted Post[5][6]-12-3--4-----22--------2111111---
Town of Prattsburgh6-10-----------------------------
Town of Pulteney62----------------------------11-
Town of Reading6614------------------------------
Town of Troupsburg[7]--------------------------------
Town of Wayne542-----4--22--------------------
Tioga County152251------------22---------------1


[3]This election was held August 27th to the August 29th 1816 and was held to supply the vacancy caused by the resignation of Enos T. Throo
[4]Charles Kellogg received 3 votes as Charles Kellogg, Jr.
[5]Josiah J. Jones received 1 vote as Josiah Jones.
[6]Edward Rowen, Jr. received 2 votes as Edward Rown and 1 vote as Ned Rowen.
[7]There were no votes reported from Troupsburg.


Original Election Returns.
Original Election Books. Steuben County Court House, Bath.
The Cayuga Patriot (Auburn, NY). September 4, 1816.
The Albany Argus (Albany, NY). October 4, 1816.
The Columbian (New York, NY). October 5, 1816.
The Columbian. (For the Country) (New York, NY). October 9, 1816.
National Advocate (New York, NY). October 11, 1816.
Ontario Repository (Canandaigua, NY). October 22, 1816.

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