New Jersey 1806 Assembly, Gloucester County

Assembly (State)
New Jersey 1806 Assembly, Gloucester County
New Jersey
First Ballot
Reuben Clark, Michael C. Fisher, Matthew Gill, Benjamin Rulon, Japhet Ireland, Jr., Robert Newell
Candidates: Reuben Clark[1]Michael C. Fisher[2]Matthew Gill[3]Benjamin RulonJaphet Ireland, Jr.Robert Newell
Final Result: [4][5][6][7][8][9][10]136513531317123512001155
Gloucester County136513531317123512001155
Egg Harbour383838207207207
Town of Gloucester666968445


[4]The True American (Trenton, NJ) reports 1366 votes for Reuben Clark in Gloucester County.
[5]The Republican Watch-Tower (New York, NY) identifies Reuben Clark as a Republican.
[6]The Centinel of Freedom (Newark, NJ), October 28, reports that two Federalists and one Republican have won Assembly seats in Gloucester County.
[7]"As far as our information extends, the following counties have returned full federal representations to the Legislature, viz. Bergen, Middlesex, Somerset, Burlington, Gloucester and Cape-May. The representation from Sussex and Cumberland will be divided." Trenton Federalist (Trenton, NJ). October 27, 1806.
[8]"Election News.--The various reports in circulation last week relative to the result of the late election in the different counties in this state, were the cause of no small diversion among the politicians of Trenton. The countenances of the different partizans were alternately lengthened and contracted, as rumour, with her hundred tongues, every few hours changed the prospect before us ... Monday noon, federal stock met a sudden shock and fell far below par. News from Gloucester that the democratic Clerk was playing strange tricks--had rejected the Woolwich return, and all was lost ... Tuesday evening, fresh news from below--Woolwich returns received--whole federal ticket in Gloucester ... ." Trenton Federalist (Trenton, NJ). October 27, 1806.
[9]"The federal ticket has succeeded in this county by a trifling majority, as the following returns will shew.--Had all the Republicans in that county done their duty, this could not have happened." The True American (Trenton, NJ). October 21, 1806.
[10]"Reports state that the republican Ticket has succeeded in Hunterdon; and the federal in Gloucester, with the addition of two members in Cumberland. If these reports are correct, the strength of both parties will be nearly balanced in joint-meeting." The Centinel of Freedom (Newark, NJ). October 21, 1806.


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