Vermont 1796 U.S. House of Representatives, District 2

U.S. House of Representatives (Federal)
U.S. Congressman
Vermont 1796 U.S. House of Representatives, District 2
First Ballot
U.S. House of Representatives/U.S. Congressman
Daniel Buck, Nathaniel Niles, Lewis R. Morris, Oliver Gallup, Stephen Jacobs, Paul Brigham, Benjamin Burt, Lot Hall, Benjamin Henry, Abel Stevens, Elias Stevens, Isaac Tichenor, Martin Tuller, scattering
Candidates: Daniel BuckNathaniel NilesLewis R. MorrisOliver GallupStephen JacobsPaul BrighamBenjamin BurtLot HallBenjamin HenryAbel StevensElias StevensIsaac TichenorMartin Tullerscattering
Final Result: [1][2]293120------------
District of Eastern293120------------
Orange County--------------
Town of Cabot2-16--1--------
Town of Chelsea22-------------
Town of Fairlee5913------------
Town of Guildhall35-------------
Town of Montpelier37-------------
Town of Newbury62-1-----------
Town of Randolph7131-----------
Town of Saint Johnsbury28-------------
Town of Strafford74---1---------
Windham County--------------
Town of Halifax50-------1-----
Town of Jamaica31-------------
Town of Marlboro2413------------
Town of Newfane65-------------
Town of Putney103-------------
Town of Rockingham91-------------
Town of Wardsboro55-------------
Town of Westminster92-----1-------
Town of Wilmington433------------
Windsor County--------------
Town of Andover39------1------
Town of Barnard741------------
Town of Bethel30-------------
Town of Hartland111--3----------
Town of Pomfret35-------------
Town of Reading471--2---------
Town of Rochester30-------------
Town of Royalton96--------1111-
Town of Sharon37-------------
Town of Springfield59-2-----------
Town of Woodstock100-------------


[1]"Mr. Buck appeared to be elected by a very great majority of the Eastern District: He had 2931 votes out of 3019." The Eagle: or, Dartmouth Centinel (Hanover, NH). November 7, 1796.
[2]"At the late election of a Representative for the Eastern District of this State to Congress, the whole number of votes was 3019. Of these 2931, were for Mr. BUCK. The scattering votes amounted to but 88, of which, not more than 3 were for the same person. We are happy to find that Mr. Buck's exertions and federalism have met with the universal approbation of his constituents." Rising Sun (Keene, NH). November 1, 1796.


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The Rutland Herald: a Register of the Times (Rutland, VT). October 24, 1796.
Rising Sun (Keene, NH). November 1, 1796.
The Eagle or Dartmouth Centinel (Hanover, NH). November 7, 1796.
The Rutland Herald: a Register of the Times (Rutland, VT). November 7, 1796.
Rising Sun (Keene, NH). November 15, 1796.

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