Massachusetts 1821 State Senate, Hampshire District

State Senate (State)
State Senator
Massachusetts 1821 State Senate, Hampshire District
First Ballot
State Senate/State Senator
Elihu Hoyt, Jonathan Dwight, Jr., Alanson Knox, Mark Doolittle, Enos Foote, Samuel Porter, Thomas Shepherd, Israel E. Trask, Solomon Smead, Elihu Lyman, Sylvester Maxwell, Joshua Frost, Abel Bliss, George Bliss, Lewis Strong, George Grennell, John Welles, Charles F. Phelps, Thomas Allen, James Fowler, Elijah Hubbard, James W. Robinson, Daniel Warner, Rufus Cowles, Solomon Hatch, Epapharus Hoyt, John Stickney
Candidates: Elihu Hoyt[1]Jonathan Dwight, Jr.[2]Alanson Knox[3]Mark Doolittle[4]Enos FooteSamuel PorterThomas ShepherdIsrael E. TraskSolomon SmeadElihu LymanSylvester MaxwellJoshua FrostAbel BlissGeorge BlissLewis StrongGeorge GrennellJohn WellesCharles F. PhelpsThomas AllenJames FowlerElijah HubbardJames W. RobinsonDaniel WarnerRufus CowlesSolomon HatchEpapharus HoytJohn Stickney
Final Result: [5][6]6385592750604078-----------------------
District of Hampshire6385592750604078-----------------------
Franklin County---------------------------
Town of Ashfield---------------------------
Town of Bernardston50595050-----------------------
Town of Buckland---------------------------
Town of Charlemont73737373----------------2------
Town of Colrain136136989830----30-----------------
Town of Conway541298484-----------------------
Town of Deerfield14013613878-----------------------
Town of Ervings Gore---------------------------
Town of Gill57575757-----------------------
Town of Greenfield117123854835612--56-----7-5---------
Town of Hawley10010010094------------6----------
Town of Heath121121109109-----12-----------------
Town of Leverett69692726-----42-------------1---
Town of Leyden91914646-----44-----------------
Town of Montague---------------------------
Town of New Salem176177-116-----------------------
Town of Northfield---------------------------
Town of Orange---------------------------
Town of Rowe85857375-----12-----------------
Town of Shelburne[7]---------------------------
Town of Shutesbury---------------------------
Town of Sunderland69645457-----------------------
Town of Warwick55555555-----------------------
Town of Wendell93939191-----2-----------------
Town of Whately---------------------------
Hampden County---------------------------
Town of Blandford8999868815-616---------------1--
Town of Brimfield1479310911335-3458-------------------
Town of Chester---------------------------
Town of Granville757596371-53--------------------
Town of Holland---------------------------
Town of Longmeadow937186778148347----3-------------
Town of Ludlow613954167113723864-20-44--------------
Town of Monson13411013413380-79-75------------------
Town of Montgomery---------------------------
Town of Palmer[8]10810521748712233-------------------
Town of Russell---------------------------
Town of South Brimfield---------------------------
Town of Southwick---------------------------
Town of Springfield[9]167164187201177-18917256-149----------------
Town of Tolland---------------------------
Town of West Springfield---------------------------
Town of Westfield11211215315346-45-86------------------
Town of Wilbraham---------------------------
Hampshire County---------------------------
Town of Amherst22223092922013020128-------------------
Town of Belchertown31531317111297188---------------------
Town of Chesterfield---------------------------
Town of Cummington---------------------------
Town of Easthampton90-9094814904------------------
Town of Enfield---------------------------
Town of Goshen---------------------------
Town of Granby---------------------------
Town of Greenwich---------------------------
Town of Hadley---------------------------
Town of Hatfield---------------------------
Town of Middlefield---------------------------
Town of Northampton302280287282711259-2733-55---------------
Town of Norwich---------------------------
Town of Pelham---------------------------
Town of Plainfield---------------------------
Town of South Hadley1335011794810712423-1--68---22-22--11
Town of Southampton147140169169---23-------------------
Town of Ware888882110828--1-----------------
Town of Westhampton---------------------------
Town of Williamsburg---------------------------
Town of Worthington---------------------------


[5]"Whole number of votes, 29976. Necessary to make a choice, 3748." Governor's Council Records.
[6]In the Hampshire District, numerous candidates were announced or nominated, some being straight party tickets and others mixed, with individuals from both parties. The Hampden Federalist and Public Journal (Springfield, MA) of March 28, 1821 listed 11 (6 Federalist and 5 Republican) of these various tickets.
[7]"The Committee further report, that they have rejected the return ... from the town of Shelburne in the district of Hampshire as it appears that the Hon. Mark Doolittle received 'one and fourteen votes' being evidently an omission of the word hundred and the Committee therfore have deducted from the votes as given to Mr. Dolittle by the Hon. Council one hundred." Governor's Council Records.
[8]The Hampden Federalist and Public Journal (Springfield, MA) reports 103 votes for Elihu Hoyt.
[9]The Hampden Patriot and Liberal Recorder (Springfield, MA) and the Hampshire Gazette (Northampton, MA) report 169 votes for Elihu Hoyt.


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