Massachusetts 1796 Electoral College, Second Middle District

Electoral College (Federal)
Massachusetts 1796 Electoral College, Second Middle District
First Ballot
Electoral College/Elector
James Winthrop, Elbridge Gerry, Eleazer Brooks, Francis Dana, Ebenezer Bridge, Henry Broomfield, Elijah Brigham, Joseph B. Varnum, Edward Barnes, Jonas Brooks, Samuel Hoar, John B. Varnum
Electors: James WinthropElbridge GerryEleazer BrooksFrancis DanaEbenezer BridgeHenry BroomfieldElijah BrighamJoseph B. VarnumEdward BarnesJonas BrooksSamuel HoarJohn B. Varnum
Presidential Candidate:John Adams
Final Result: [1][2]5295274946766361861111
District of Middle Two5295274946766361861111
Middlesex County473451439119--61111
Town of Acton-2517------1--
Town of Ashby-322---------
District of Boxboro--25---------
Town of Cambridge55335-1--1---1
District of Carlisle640----------
Town of Charlestown61660-1--4----
Town of Chelmsford2811----------
Town of Concord11366---------
Town of Dracut201-3---------
Town of Dunstable--2-8-------
Town of Framingham522----------
Town of Groton-322---------
Town of Lexington6411---------
Town of Lincoln-1130-------1-
Town of Littleton-2417-5-------
Town of Marlborough1472111---1---
Town of Pepperell-1730---------
Town of Shirley--42-1-------
Town of Stow--37---------
Town of Sudbury143-----1----
District of Tyngsborough1138-1-------
Town of Townsend-36----------
Town of Waltham-30----------
Town of Watertown--44-1-------
Town of Westford54136---------
Worcester County56765566473618-----
Town of Ashburnham10-6-22-------
Town of Berlin------18-----
Town of Bolton--301-7------
Town of Fitchburg2019----------
Town of Harvard26129--29------
Town of Lunenburg-11020--------
Town of Northboro-1--25-------
Town of Southboro-41----------
Town of Westboro-2-45--------


[1]A majority was required for an elector to be elected. Elbridge Gerry was eventually chosen by the Massachusetts General Court.
[2]Elbridge Gerry voted for John Adams in the Electoral College. Whether his second vote was cast for Thomas Pinckney, Oliver Ellsworth or Samuel Johnston is unknown.


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