New York 1819 Assembly, Madison County

Assembly (State)
New York 1819 Assembly, Madison County
New York
First Ballot
Levi Morton, Eliphalet S. Jackson, Amos Crocker, Ezekiel Carpenter, Andrew P. Lord, Sylvester Beecher, Charles T. Dearing, Barak Beckwith, William Hallock, Truman Hurlburt, John Matteson, Harvey G. Morse, Josiah S. Masters, Nathaniel Garrow, Gideon Granger, Gerrit G. Lansing, Charles H. Morrell, Lyman Payne, Philetus Swift, David Baldwin, Sylvester Beering, John Fairchild, David Hutchinson, Abraham G. Lansing, Edward P. Lord, Leonard P. Lord, William Manchester
Candidates: Levi MortonEliphalet S. JacksonAmos CrockerEzekiel CarpenterAndrew P. LordSylvester BeecherCharles T. DearingBarak BeckwithWilliam HallockTruman HurlburtJohn MattesonHarvey G. MorseJosiah S. MastersNathaniel GarrowGideon GrangerGerrit G. LansingCharles H. MorrellLyman PaynePhiletus SwiftDavid BaldwinSylvester BeeringJohn FairchildDavid HutchinsonAbraham G. LansingEdward P. LordLeonard P. LordWilliam Manchester
Final Result: [1]9809378918167294283683353312997877422222211111111
Madison County9809378918167294283683353312997877422222211111111
Town of Brookfield[2]91195549548784-845----------------
Town of Cazenovia[3][4]1801921261377785383620--13--------------
Town of De Ruyter1919178269408838------------------
Town of Eaton138861391110166413-711--111111--------
Town of Georgetown[5]343435292631-26------------------
Town of Hamilton74697343897901882--1-11-1--------
Town of Lebanon[6]8887891310125535-----------------
Town of Lenox[7][8]182114170114983199-1775--1--1---1-----
Town of Madison146116118564846525-112-1-------------1
Town of Nelson881169222685385017321----------------
Town of Smithfield[9][10][11]11411410989245014141-501-------11-11---
Town of Sullivan72727014814021891268--------------11-


[1]The Pilot, lists Charles T. Dearing, Barak Beckwith, and Truman Hurlbut as Bucktails.
[2]Charles T. Dearing received 87 votes as Charles D. Dearing.
[3]Barak Beckwith received 1 vote as Barrek Beckwith.
[4]Ezekiel Carpenter received 1 vote as Carpenter.
[5]The Pilot reports no votes for Charles T. Dearing.
[6]The Pilot reports 13 votes for Andrew P. Lord, 13 votes for Sylvester Beecher, 7 votes for Charles T. Dearing, 7 votes for Barak Beckwith, no votes for William Hallock, and 7 votes for Truman Hurlbut.
[7]John Matteson received 7 votes as John Madison.
[8]Eliphalet S. Jackson received 2 votes as Eliphalet S. Jacson.
[9]Barak Beckwith received 2 votes as Barek Buckworth and 1 vote as Baak Bikworth.
[10]Eliphalet S. Jackson received 1 vote as Eliphel S. Jackson and 1 vote as Eliphet S. Jackson.
[11]The Pilot reports no votes for William Hallock.


Original Election Returns.
The Pilot (Cazenovia, NY). May 5, 1819.
The Pilot (Cazenovia, NY). May 12, 1819.

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