New York 1807 Assembly, Washington County

Assembly (State)
New York 1807 Assembly, Washington County
New York
First Ballot
Thomas Cornell, Lyman Hall, Kitchel Bishop, Henry Mattison, Gideon Taft, James Hill, William Adams, Simon Stevens, Jr., Reuben Smith, Thomas Lyon, John Kirtland, Reuben Skinner
Candidates: Thomas Cornell[1]Lyman Hall[2]Kitchel Bishop[3]Henry Mattison[4]Gideon Taft[5]James Hill[6]William AdamsSimon Stevens, Jr.Reuben SmithThomas LyonJohn KirtlandReuben Skinner
Final Result: 371727842485248424792466126912651253124627697
Washington County[7][8][9]371727842485248424792466126912651253124627697
Town of Argyle[10]287171169171172169119122121122121-
Town of Bolton11061635958604749354916-
Town of Cambridge46943825625225125221721621821618-
Town of Chester[11]848285848282-1----
Town of Easton[12]2451621621461631589999999054-
Town of Fairfield616161616161------
Town of Granville[13]3242542262242252211031081038921-
Town of Greenwich21713289938788132135130134--
Town of Hampton74646565656599996-
Town of Hartford231218209210211210221120194-
Town of Hebron240143143169149150847884831-
Town of Johnsburg707371737373------
Town of Kingsbury[14]1761131161141251146462646223-
Town of Putnam[15]18121210121287877-
Town of Queensbury[16]14714598969097505150503-
Town of Rochester232123212017------
Town of Salem3261761751781761761511531511521-
Town of Thurman119119120119119119------
Town of Westfield25325425525325425511111-
Town of Whitehall2438587868687163163160163--


[7]Votes for Thomas Cornell in Rochester and Cambridge and for James Hill in Hampton were not reported in the original summary sheet of votes.
[8]The 97 votes for Reuben Skinner in Washington county were only reported in newspaper results.
[9]The Republican Watch-Tower (New York, NY), May 29, and the American Citizen (New York, NY), May 26, give 3731 votes for Thomas Cornell, 2782 votes for Lyman Hall, 2475 votes for Kitchel Bishop, 2479 votes for Henry Hattison, 2439 votes for Gideon Taft, 2201 votes for James Hill, 1359 votes for William Adams, 1285 votes for Simon Stephens, Jr, and 1255 votes for Thomas Lyon, 230 votes for John Kirtland.
[10]Simon Stevens, Jr. received 7 votes as Simon Stevens.
[11]Simon Stevens, Jr. received 1 vote as Simon Stevens.
[12]Simon Stevens, Jr. received 5 votes as Simon Stevens.
[13]Simon Stevens, Jr. received 7 votes as Simon Stevens.
[14]Simon Stevens, Jr. received 23 votes as Simon Stevens.
[15]Simon Stevens, Jr. received 7 votes as Simon Stevens.
[16]Simon Stevens, Jr. received 2 votes as Simon Stevens.


Original Election Returns.
American Citizen (New York, NY). May 26, 1807.
Republican Watch-Tower (New York, NY). May 29, 1807.

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