Pennsylvania 1820 U.S. Senate, Ballot 2

U.S. Senate (Federal)
U.S. Senator
Pennsylvania 1820 U.S. Senate, Ballot 2
Second Ballot
U.S. Senate/U.S. Senator
William Findlay, Isaac Wayne, Jonathan Roberts, Isaac Weaver, John B. Gibson, Andrew Gregg
Candidates: William FindlayIsaac WayneJonathan RobertsIsaac WeaverJohn B. GibsonAndrew Gregg
Final Result: [1][2][3]5949161-1
General Assembly5949161-1
House of Representatives[4]4340111-1
Adams County-2----
Jacob Cassat-1----
Isaac Wierman-1----
Allegheny and Butler County13----
Alexander Brackenridge1-----
John Gilmore-1----
Lazarus Stewart-1----
William Wilkins-1----
Armstrong, Indiana, and Jefferson County2-----
Robert Mitchell1-----
Robert Orr, Jr.1-----
Beaver County-----1
James Stockman-----1
Bedford County2-----
Jacob Hart1-----
Peter Schell1-----
Berks and Schuylkill County113---
George Gernand--1---
Joseph Good-1----
Samuel Jones--1---
Jacob Rahn--1---
Jacob Schneider1-----
Bradford and Tioga County1-----
Simon Kinney1-----
Bucks County-4----
Benjamin Foulke-1----
Thomas Jenks-1----
Charles Lombaert-1----
Abraham F. Stover-1----
Centre and Clearfield County1-----
William Smyth1-----
Chester County14----
Thomas Baird-1----
Joshua Evans1-----
Joshua Hunt-1----
James Kelton-1----
Stephen Webb-1----
Columbia County--1---
John Snyder--1---
Cumberland County2-----
James Giffen1-----
Samuel Piper1-----
Dauphin County--2---
William Rutherford--1---
Simon Sallade--1---
Delaware County11----
George Y. Leiper1-----
Abner Lewis-1----
Erie, Crawford, Mercer, Venango, and Warren County3-----
William Connelly1-----
Jacob Herrington1-----
Wilson Smith1-----
Fayette County2-1---
Daniel Sturgeon--1---
James Todd1-----
John Witherow1-----
Franklin County-3----
Robert Crooks-1----
Samuel Dunn-1----
John Stoner-1----
Greene County1-----
Adam Hays1-----
Huntingdon County2-----
David R. Porter1-----
John Scott1-----
Lancaster County-6----
Matthew Henderson-1----
Archibald MacCallister-1----
William MacCullough-1----
John Musser-1----
John Rohrer, Jr.-1----
George Withers-1----
Lebanon County-2----
Joseph Barnett-1----
John Uhler-1----
Lehigh County2-----
William Fenstermacher1-----
John J. Krause1-----
Luzerne and Susquehanna County-2----
Cornelius Cortright-1----
Benjamin Dorrance-1----
Lycoming, Potter, and McKean County1-----
John Hanna1-----
Mifflin County-2----
Alexander Anderson-1----
William Magill-1----
Montgomery County4-----
Jacob Drinkhouse1-----
Joel K. Mann1-----
Peter Miller1-----
Isaiah Wells1-----
Northampton, Wayne, and Pike County3-----
Daniel Dimmick1-----
Henry Fenner1-----
James Kennedy1-----
Northumberland County11----
Lewis Dewart-1----
John Haas1-----
Perry County1-----
John Fry1-----
Philadelphia County-42---
Robert Carr-1----
James Dyre-1----
Lyndford Lardner-1----
George Reese, Jr.-1----
William Weaver--1---
John Wurts--1---
City of Philadelphia-4----
William R. Atlee-1----
John Edwards, Jr.-1----
George Emlen-1----
William Lehman[5]------
Samuel J. Robbins-1----
Somerset and Cambria County2-----
Chauncey Forward1-----
John Mosteller1-----
Union County--2---
Daniel Calwell--1---
Frederick Wise--1---
Washington County4-----
Joseph Lawrence1-----
Thomas MacCall1-----
John Reed1-----
Dickerson Roberts1-----
Westmoreland County11-1--
Richard Coulter-1----
James Estep---1--
Jacob Rugh1-----
York County4-----
Jonas Dierdorff1-----
John Livingston1-----
William Nes1-----
Peter Storm1-----
State Senate1695---
District of One[6]-4----
Samuel Breck-1----
Michael Leib-1----
Robert MacMullin-1----
Condy Raguet-1----
District of Two[7]11----
Isaac D. Barnard1-----
Samuel Cochran-1----
District of Three[8]-1----
Cyrus Cadwallader-1----
District of Four[9]-2----
Edward Coleman-1----
Jacob Grosh-1----
District of Five[10]-11---
Conrad Feger--1---
James B. Hubley-1----
District of Six[11]1-----
John Sawyer1-----
District of Seven[12]1-----
Philip S. Markley1-----
District of Eight[13]2-----
Joseph Fry, Jr.1-----
Henry Winter1-----
District of Nine[14]--2---
Redmond Conyngham--1---
Robert Willett--1---
District of Ten[15]------
John MacMeens[16]------
District of Eleven[17]2-----
Frederick Eichelberger1-----
Jacob Eyster1-----
District of Twelve[18]1-----
Michael Wallace1-----
District of Thirteen[19]1-----
Jacob Alter1-----
District of Fourteen[20]1-----
William Piper1-----
District of Fifteen[21]1-----
Robert Smith1-----
District of Sixteen[22]1-----
Henry Allshouse1-----
District of Seventeen[23]--1---
William Davidson--1---
District of Eighteen[24]1-1---
Joshua Dickerson1-----
Rees Hill--1---
District of Nineteen[25]2-----
William Marks1-----
Samuel Power1-----
District of Twenty[26]1-----
Henry Hurst1-----


[1]The first two ballots were cast on December 12, 1820, while ballots 3-5 were cast on January 16, 1821.
[2]A candidate needed 65 votes in order to have a majority vote and be elected.
[3]"The Senate and House of Representatives met in Convention, for the purpose of electing an United States Senator, in the room of Jonathan Roberts, whose term of service will expire on the 4th of March next." Village Record. December 20, 1820.
[4]The Westmoreland Republican reports 10 votes for Jonathan Roberts.
[5]William Lehman did not cast a vote in ballots 1-2.
[6]District One is composed of Philadelphia City and Philadelphia County.
[7]District Two is composed of Chester and Delaware Counties.
[8]District Three is composed of Bucks County.
[9]District Four is composed of Lancaster County.
[10]District Five is composed of Berks and Schuylkill Counties.
[11]District Six is composed of Dauphin and Lebanon Counties.
[12]District Seven is composed of Montgomery County.
[13]District Eight is composed of Northampton, Wayne, Lehigh, and Pike Counties.
[14]District Nine is composed of Northumberland, Luzerne, Union, Columbia, and Susquehanna Counties.
[15]District Ten is composed of Lycoming, Centre, Clearfield, MacKean, Tioga, Potter, and Bradford Counties.
[16]John MacMeens did not cast a vote in ballots 1-2.
[17]District Eleven is composed of York and Adams Counties.
[18]District Twelve is composed of Mifflin and Huntingdon Counties.
[19]District Thirteen is composed of Cumberland County.
[20]District Fourteen is composed of Bedford, Cambria, and Somerset Counties.
[21]District Fifteen is composed of Franklin County.
[22]District Sixteen is composed of Westmoreland, Indiana, and Jefferson Counties.
[23]District Seventeen is composed of Fayette County.
[24]District Eighteen is composed of Washington and Greene Counties.
[25]District Nineteen is composed of Allegheny, Armstrong, Beaver, and Butler Counties.
[26]District Twenty is composed of Crawford, Erie, Venango, Mercer, and Warren Counties.


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