Massachusetts 1803 State Senate, Hampshire County, Special

State Senate (State)
State Senator
Massachusetts 1803 State Senate, Hampshire County, Special
First Ballot
State Senate/State Senator
John Hastings, John Hooker, Ezra Starkweather, Samuel Fowler, Hugh MacClellan, John Williams, Zebina Montague, Solomon Smead, Edward Upham, William Billings, John Leavitt, Gideon Burt, Edmond Longley, Jonathan Smith, Jr., William Ely, William Shephard, Daniel Wright, Joshua Green, Justin Ely, John Long, Samuel Williams, Ebenezer Hunt, Ruggles Woodbridge
Candidates: John Hastings[1]John Hooker[2]Ezra Starkweather[3]Samuel FowlerHugh MacClellanJohn WilliamsZebina MontagueSolomon SmeadEdward UphamWilliam BillingsJohn LeavittGideon BurtEdmond LongleyJonathan Smith, Jr.William ElyWilliam ShephardDaniel WrightJoshua GreenJustin ElyJohn LongSamuel WilliamsEbenezer HuntRuggles Woodbridge
Final Result: [4][5][6][7][8]39272987292322451935------------------
Hampshire County39272987292322451935------------------
Town of Amherst8011330262461108----------------
Town of Ashfield-----------------------
Town of Belchertown-----------------------
Town of Bernardston[9]3333210011-1646223562------1----
Town of Blandford464031341220--------------43-
Town of Brimfield-----------------------
Town of Buckland-----------------------
Town of Charlemont[10]7561747573--76--767-4---2----
Town of Chester-----------------------
Town of Chesterfield-----------------------
Town of Colrain25108112-110--43-862-----1-1---
Town of Conway-----------------------
Town of Cummington-----------------------
Town of Deerfield-----------------------
District of Easthampton4313544862----20-------------
Town of Gill-----------------------
Town of Goshen-----------------------
Town of Granby-----------------------
Town of Granville-----------------------
Town of Greenfield9793931489--2726----16--22------
Town of Greenwich-----------------------
Town of Hadley118108119-9104-----------------
Town of Hatfield8263502258----32-------------
Town of Hawley-----------------------
Town of Heath403020-40------------------
Town of Holland-----------------------
Town of Leverett-----------------------
District of Leyden3636-391-364139--3935----------
Town of Longmeadow-----------------------
Town of Ludlow-----------------------
Town of Middlefield-----------------------
Town of Monson-----------------------
Town of Montague32311-20928-----4-2--4-----
Town of Montgomery34--629-33--------34-------
Town of New Salem-----------------------
Town of Northampton[11]30320926713157------------------
Town of Northfield47153853-18-3442422--43--4------
Town of Norwich676767-67------------------
District of Orange-----------------------
Town of Palmer-----------------------
Town of Pelham-----------------------
District of Plainfield-----------------------
Town of Rowe414141-41------------------
Town of Russell-----------------------
Town of Shelburne909385217920-151411-15-----11-----
Town of Shutesbury-----------------------
Town of South Brimfield-----------------------
Town of South Hadley6445561110-11010----154-10-----60
Town of Southampton107761021486---------4532-------
Town of Southwick-----------------------
Town of Springfield12412141118-89-5354----48--51------
Town of Sunderland-----------------------
Town of Ware2929629--23----------------
Town of Warwick-----------------------
Town of Wendell-----------------------
Town of West Springfield-----------------------
Town of Westfield-----------------------
Town of Westhampton-----------------------
Town of Whately-----------------------
Town of Wilbraham-----------------------
Town of Williamsburg-----------------------
Town of Worthington116-1171152110-----------------


[4]"No. Voters, 5061. Make a choice, 2531." Governor's Council Records.
[5]Massachusetts law required a majority to elect. Samuel Fowler would subsequently be elected by the Massachusetts General Court.
[6]"One vacancy.--The candidates to fill it are Hon. Samuel Fowler, who had 2245 votes, and the Hon. Hugh M'Clellan, who had 1935." Hampshire Gazette (Northampton, MA). April 6, 1803.
[7]Samuel Fowler was a Republican, but was often supported by Federalists.
[8]"By the above estimates it will be seen, that the number of votes for Senators is 39,747. Those elected in Suffolk, Essex, Hampshire, Bristol, Plymouth, Worcester, Cumberland, Hancock, Lincoln and Washington, are Federal Republicans.--Those in the other districts are democrats. All the candidates but one, to supply the vacancies are Federalists. The majorities by which the federal lists have prevailed, must be highly flattering. The excess, reckoning the highest numbers given to the candidates in each district over the number necessary to make a choice, amounts, in the federal districts, to 4012:--Whereas that excess in the districts wherein the democratic ticket has succeeded, does not give more than 1048. The federal majority will be found still greater, when it is considered, that the federal votes, in many districts, particularly Hampshire, were uncommonly scattered; and that the democrats voted in well disciplined phalanx." Hampshire Gazette (Northampton, MA). May 18, 1803.
[9]The votes for John Hastings were not recorded in the Bernardston Town Records.
[10]The Greenfield Gazette reports 73 votes for John Hastings and 73 votes for Hugh McClellan.
[11]"There were 13 other persons voted for." Hampshire Gazette (Northampton, MA). April 6, 1803.


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