New York 1810 Assembly, Jefferson County

Assembly (State)
New York 1810 Assembly, Jefferson County
New York
First Ballot
William Hunter, Corlis Hinds, Ethel Brunson, Jesse Hopkins, Simeon Ford, Silas Stow, William Hinds, Reuben Humphreys, Moss Kent, Jesse Munson, Nathan Smith, Philetus Swift, Daniel D. Tompkins, Henry A. Townsend
Candidates: William Hunter[1]Corlis Hinds[2]Ethel BrunsonJesse HopkinsSimeon FordSilas StowWilliam HindsReuben HumphreysMoss KentJesse MunsonNathan SmithPhiletus SwiftDaniel D. TompkinsHenry A. Townsend
Final Result: [3][4][5][6][7][8]12111205115511363321111111
Jefferson County12111205115511363321111111
Town of Adams[9]100102868521--------
Town of Brownville1171197070--2-------
Town of Champion6363135134----------
Town of Ellisburgh16816770701----1----
Town of Henderson82826664----------
Town of Houndsfield1314121147---11-1111
Town of Le Raye1171178383----------
Town of Lorraine64669191-2--------
Town of Rodman1181159594----------
Town of Rutland202195108100----------
Town of Watertown[10][11]167165230228----------


[3]Ethel Brunson is also listed as Ethel Bronson.
[4]All newspaper reports list William Hunter with 1194 total votes.
[5]"William Hunter had one thousand one hundred and twelve votes, and Wm. Hunter had ninety-nine votes, which said ninety-nine votes, given to Wm. Hunter, the committe are of opinion were given or intended for William Hunter, inasmuch as that Wm. appears to the committee to be a uniform abbreviation of the name William; and as the adding of the said votes given to Wm. Hunter to those given to William Hunter will give the said William Hunter a larger number of votes than either of the other candidates, the committee are therefore of opinion that the said William Hunter was duly elected as a representative from the county of Jefferson, and ought to be allowed to take his seat in the house." Comptroller's Office, 2d February, 1811. Journal of the New York Assembly at Their Thirty-Fourth Session. Albany. 1811. 28.
[6]"On the second of February, Mr. Sargent (28 of Journals) reported from the committee of privileges and elections, that it appeared by a certified copy of the returns of votes, that Ethel Bronson had 1155, Jesse Hopkins had 1133, Corbs Hinds had 1204, William Hunter had 112, and Wm. Hunter had ninety nine votes...This report was postponed until the 4th of February, and then the House concurred in the report." Ulster Plebeian (Kingston, NY). March 12, 1816.
[7]In spite of the Assembly investigation, the Original Election Books list William Hunter with 1194 votes and Wm. Hunter with 17 votes.
[8]Daniel D. Tompkins was a candidate for Governor. Moss Kent was a candidate for State Senate. Nathan Smith, Philetus Swift, Henry A. Townsend and Reuben Humphreys were the Republican Ticket for State Senate.
[9]William Hunter received 4 votes as Wm. Hunter.
[10]Corlis Hinds received one vote as C. Hinds.
[11]William Hunter received 13 votes as Wm. Hunter.


Original Election Books.
Journal of the New York Assembly, 1811. 28.
The Albany Register (Albany, NY). May 15, 1810.
Columbian Gazette (Utica, NY). May 15, 1810.
The Columbian (New York, NY). May 22, 1810.
Ulster Plebeian (Kingston, NY). March 12, 1816.

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