New York 1802 Assembly, Albany County

Assembly (State)
New York 1802 Assembly, Albany County
New York
First Ballot
Peter S. Schuyler, Johan Jost Deitz, Stephen Lush, Jacob Ten Eyck, John Frisby, Maus Schermerhorn, Nicholas N. Quackenbush, Isaac D. Ver Plank, Silas Sayer, Andrew Brown, Joseph Shurtleff, Volkert Veeder, John Crawford, John G. Wasson, Henry Buchans, Peter West, Killian K. Van Rensselaer, Philip S. Schuyler, David Fish, John Cuyler, Prince Doty, John Beeckman, Jr., Peter S. Schi, Peter Van Duerson, Silas Veeder, Maus Konsho, Samuel Ver Plank
Candidates: Peter S. SchuylerJohan Jost DeitzStephen LushJacob Ten EyckJohn FrisbyMaus SchermerhornNicholas N. QuackenbushIsaac D. Ver PlankSilas SayerAndrew BrownJoseph ShurtleffVolkert VeederJohn CrawfordJohn G. WassonHenry BuchansPeter WestKillian K. Van RensselaerPhilip S. SchuylerDavid FishJohn CuylerPrince DotyJohn Beeckman, Jr.Peter S. SchiPeter Van Duerson[1]Silas VeederMaus KonshoSamuel Ver Plank
Final Result: 13991395139013841294106666464361561358556653112112422222111111
Albany County13991395139013841294106666464361561358556653112112422222111111
City of Albany237236245234232115166170162160150161153-9-21---111---
Ward One51495249511566696562446259-4-1----1-----
Ward Two[2][3][4][5]83858584825522222020342021---------11---
Ward Three[6]54525554503724242221262422-3-1----------
Ward Four[7][8]4950534749854555557465551-2--1---------
Town of Bern21221021321121215523232424582323-----2--------
Town of Bethlehem[9]17418517518818214125241010422510-1------------
Town of Coeymans[10]2519252527221171431161184118116-----------1--
Town of Duanesburgh[11]138138135138656246454443112137114---1---------
Town of Princetown[12][13]334030312123161214832897-----2-----1-
Town of Rensselaerville16516416216416313543434043284343--3-----------
City of Schenectady25425525925425329214911113814212711398-------1------
Ward One62626361608166606264445729-------1------
Ward Two[14]1081091121091098829192121601020--------------
Ward Three35353535355421162224112316--------------
Ward Four49494949496933163333122333--------------
Town of Watervliet16114814613913912179726765326272-21----1-----1


[1]Listed as Peter Van Deurson Soap Boiler.
[2]Joseph Shurtleff received 1 vote as Shurtleff.
[3]Isaac D. Ver Plank received 1 vote as Isaac Ver Plank.
[4]Peter S. Schuyler received 1 vote as Peter Schuyler and 1 vote as Peter B. Schuyler.
[5]Johan Jost Deitz received 2 votes as John Jost Deitz.
[6]Nicholas N. Quackenbush received 1 vote as Nicholas Quackenbush.
[7]Nicholas N. Quackenbush received 2 votes as Nicholas Quackenbush.
[8]Johan Jost Deitz received 50 votes as John Jost Deitz.
[9]Johan Jost Deitz received 31 votes as John Jost Deitz.
[10]Isaac D. Ver Plank received 1 vote as Isaac Ver Plank.
[11]Peter S. Schuyler received 4 votes as Peter Schuyler and 1 vote as Peter B. Schuyler.
[12]Isaac D. Ver Plank received 1 vote as Isaac Von Plank.
[13]Peter S. Schuyler received 5 votes as Peter Schuyler.
[14]Peter S. Schuyler received 8 votes as Peter Schuyler.


Original Election Returns.
The Albany Centinel (Albany, NY). May 4, 1802.
The Albany Register (Albany, NY). May 4, 1802.
The Albany Register (Albany, NY). May 7, 1802.

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