New Hampshire 1816 State Senate, District 12

State Senate (State)
State Senator
New Hampshire 1816 State Senate, District 12
New Hampshire
First Ballot
State Senate/State Senator
Moses P. Payson, Dan Young, Samuel Fiske, Samuel Hitchins, Enoch Colby, S. P. Webster, Samuel Young, Jr.
Candidates: Moses P. PaysonDan YoungSamuel FiskeSamuel HitchinsEnoch ColbyS. P. WebsterSamuel Young, Jr.
Final Result: [1][2][3]1514147552111
District of Twelve1514147552111
Coos County2543505-1-1
Town of Adams[4]-45-----
Town of Bartlett384--1--
Town of Chatham-285----
Town of Colebrook[5]4318-----
Town of Columbia226-----
Town of Dalton278-----
Town of Jefferson723-----
Town of Lancaster7438----1
Town of Northumberland347-----
Town of Percy1811-----
Town of Stewartstown732-----
Town of Stratford1042-----
Town of Whitefield98-----
Grafton County12601125-2-1-
Town of Bath13861-----
Town of Bethlehem4128-----
Town of Campton13022-----
Town of Concord42107-----
Town of Coventry720-----
Town of Ellsworth[6]-------
Town of Franconia1645-----
Town of Groton6158-----
Town of Haverhill107115-----
Town of Hebron[7]4659-----
Town of Holderness[8]10071-----
Town of Landaff4269-2---
Town of Lincoln-3-----
Town of Littleton10837-----
Town of Lyman7590-----
Town of Peeling1124-----
Town of Piermont6381---1-
Town of Plymouth11442-----
Town of Rumney6376-----
Town of Thornton9335-----
Town of Warren382-----


[1]"Whole number of votes 2999." Concord Gazette (Concord, NH). March 9, 1816.
[2]"In this district (No. 12) the federal candidate lost his election by a blunder of the town clerk of Hebron, who returned the votes of Moses P. Payson, Esq. William P. Payson; it will be seen that if this error had not occurred Mr. Payson, would have had an excess of 29 votes over all the other candidates." The Portsmouth Oracle (Portsmouth, NH). May 25, 1816.
[3]"After determining in the Senate, that the proof of the legality of the votes of Hebron, should not entitle Mr. Payson to a seat (altho' had the town Clerk made a proper return, he would have been declared elected) and the 12th district would not be 'safe' without the voice of the Legislature, both branches went into Convention, and made choice of . . . Elder DAN YOUNG, in the room of Mr. Payson, elected by the people!" New-hampshire Sentinel (Keene, NH). June 15, 1816.
[4]Dan Young received 45 votes as Daniel Young.
[5]Dan Young received 18 votes as Daniel Young.
[6]"No number of votes mentioned in the return." Original Election Returns.
[7]Moses P. Payson received 46 votes as William P. Payson.
[8]Dan Young received 71 votes as Daniel Young.


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