Massachusetts 1805 House of Representatives, Bath

House of Representatives (State)
State Representative
Massachusetts 1805 House of Representatives, Bath
First Ballot
House of Representatives/State Representative
William King, Samuel Davis, William Webb
Candidates: William King[1]Samuel DavisWilliam Webb
Final Result: [2][3]76751
Town of Bath76751


[2]"From the Eastern Repository COMMUNICATION Monday May 6. The inhabitants of Bath assembled for the choice of a Representative - After the votes were counted the Selectmen declared there were 151 votes, 76 making a choice; and that William King had 76. - There were 75 votes for Samuel Davis, Esq; and a gentleman of respectable character, declares he put in a vote for William Webb, Esq. It is supposed that vote was counted among the votes for Mr. King, if it was not, it must have been thrown out; in either case Mr. King is Not elected." New-England Palladium (Boston, MA). May 21, 1805.
[3]"The committee of elections, reported, that the member of Bath was not entitled to his seat. Tuesday, June 4. The report to the committee of election, which stated, 'that in their opinion, the late election of a representative in the town of Bath, was not duly made, and that William King, Esq. the sitting member, returned as a representative from that town, is not entitled to a seat in the House' was taken up and a lengthy discussion ensued. The following facts appear to be proved; That the meeting was legal and regal and regular; and the returns duly made; that there were 150 votes given in for representatives at the meeting; - of which the selectmen declared, that Mr. King had 76 and was chosen; - That the other 75 were for Mr. Samuel Davis; That Mr. Hammatt, a gentleman of undoubted veracity, swore before the committee, that he attended the meeting; and positively gave in a vote for William Webb, Esq. - from this we understand, it was inferred by the committee, that if the other votes had been correctly sorted and counted, that 152 votes were given in and consequently no choice had been made; - and if only 151 votes were given in, that the vote for William Webb, Esq. had been counted as for one of the other candidates, and from the similarity of the christian names, that it has been counted as given for William King. The house appeared to be of opinion, that the return was primafacia evidence of the correctness of the choice, unless proved otherwise by sufficient evidence; and thought the credibility of Mr. Hammatt was not questioned, that it was not sufficiently proved, that there were any more that 151 votes given in; nor that William King had not the 76 votes required to make a choice; - The report, therefore, was nearly unanimously rejected; and the sitting member retains his seat." Portland Gazette (Portland, ME). June 11, 1805.


New-England Palladium (Boston, MA). May 21, 1805.
Portland Gazette (Portland, ME). June 11, 1805.

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