Vermont 1795 U.S. House of Representatives, District 1, Ballot 2

U.S. House of Representatives (Federal)
U.S. Congressman
Vermont 1795 U.S. House of Representatives, Western District, Ballot 2
Second Ballot
U.S. House of Representatives/U.S. Congressman
Israel Smith, Matthew Lyon, Gideon Olin, Isaac Tichenor, Samuel Safford, Jonas Galusha, Noah Smith, John Strong, Samuel Williams, Nathaniel Chittenden, Amos Marsh, Samuel Mattocks, Gideon Seeger, Thaddeus Tuttle, Enoch Woodbridge, scattering
Candidates: Israel Smith[1]Matthew LyonGideon OlinIsaac TichenorSamuel SaffordJonas GalushaNoah SmithJohn StrongSamuel WilliamsNathaniel ChittendenAmos MarshSamuel MattocksGideon SeegerThaddeus TuttleEnoch Woodbridgescattering
Final Result: [2][3][4]18041783-------------81
District of Western18041783-------------81
Addison County355236--------------
Town of Addison14681---3----1---
Town of Bridport383--------------
Town of Bristol127---1----------
Town of Cornwall46421-5-----------
Town of Ferrisburgh19221-------------
Town of Hancock[5]----------------
Town of Kingston[6]----------------
Town of Panton151--------------
Town of Shoreham11541--1----------
City of Vergennes622------------1-
Bennington County608185--------------
Town of Bennington17383-------1-----
Town of Readsboro12---------------
Town of Shaftsbury5023--------------
Chittenden County404379--------------
Town of Burlington191013-----1------
Town of Essex9112---3---------
Town of Isle La Motte7---------------
Town of Jericho1412---1----------
Town of Shelburne231------3----1--
Rutland County437983--------------
Town of Benson7125-2------------
Town of Pittsford8344--------1----
Town of Rutland135--------------


[2]Israel Smith was declared elected in spite of not receiving the majority required by Vermont law.
[3]Israel Smith, a moderate Republican, was supported by the Federalists against Matthew Lyon, who had by this time proven himself to be an avowed Jeffersonian.
[4]"Israel Smith, Esq. of Rutland, is re-elected a Representative to the Congress of the United States, for the Western District of this State, by a majority of twenty-one votes. The two highest in nomination stood as follows: Israel Smith, Esquire 1804, Col. Matthew Lyon 1783. And 130 votes for other persons." Spooner's Vermont Journal (Windsor, VT). March 9, 1795.
[5]The Rutland Herald: Or, Vermont Mercury (Rutland, VT), March 2, notes that there were "no returns from the towns of Kingston and Hancock."
[6]The Rutland Herald: Or, Vermont Mercury (Rutland, VT), March 2, notes that there were "no returns from the towns of Kingston and Hancock."


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Shelburne Town Records.
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Vergennes Town Records.
The Rutland Herald: Or, Vermont Mercury (Rutland, VT). March 2, 1795.
Vermont Gazette (Bennington, VT). March 6, 1795.
The Eagle or Dartmouth Centinel (Hanover, NH). March 9, 1795.
The Rutland Herald: Or, Vermont Mercury (Rutland, VT). March 9, 1795.
Spooner's Vermont Journal (Windsor, VT). March 9, 1795.

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