Vermont 1795 Governor

Governor (State)
Vermont 1795 Governor
First Ballot
Thomas Chittenden, Isaac Tichenor, Samuel Williams, Gideon Olin, Nathaniel Niles, Jonathan Hunt, Stephen R. Bradley, Moses Robinson, Nathaniel Chipman, Samuel Safford, Roswell Hopkins, Ebenezer Marvin, Israel Smith, William Wallace, Benjamin Burt, Bissel Case, Samuel Hitchcock, Samuel Mattocks, Elijah Paine, Noah Smith
Candidates: Thomas Chittenden[1]Isaac TichenorSamuel WilliamsGideon OlinNathaniel NilesJonathan HuntStephen R. BradleyMoses RobinsonNathaniel ChipmanSamuel SaffordRoswell HopkinsEbenezer MarvinIsrael SmithWilliam WallaceBenjamin BurtBissel CaseSamuel HitchcockSamuel MattocksElijah PaineNoah Smith
Final Result: 42602038256149138---------------
Addison County--------------------
Town of Addison1914-8-----------1----
Town of Bridport23163-----------------
Town of Bristol432------------------
Town of Ferrisburgh4781-------32--------
Town of Panton-18------------------
Town of Shoreham42-------------------
City of Vergennes15273-----------------
Bennington County--------------------
Town of Bennington10315-----4-1-------1--
Town of Readsboro24-------------------
Chittenden County--------------------
Town of Burlington1220-1---2-1--1-------
Town of Essex367-----6----2-------
Town of Georgia272312---1---6--------
Town of Highgate13-------------------
Town of Jericho336--6--3--------1--1
Town of Milton152311----------------
Town of Shelburne229------------------
Orange County--------------------
Town of Cabot185------------------
Town of Chelsea402------------------
Town of Fairlee4217--8---------------
Town of Montpelier2719------------------
Town of Newbury1230---1-------2------
Town of Randolph3635--73---2----------
Town of Saint Johnsbury301------------------
Town of Tunbridge238------------------
Rutland County--------------------
Town of Benson762------------------
Town of Mount Holly183------------------
Windham County--------------------
Town of Brattleborough360---9--------------
Town of Guilford267---10--------------
Town of Jamaica126------------------
Town of Newfane1050---16--1-----------
Town of Putney343---61-4-----------
Town of Rockingham1616---519-------------
Town of Townshend4450------------------
Town of Wardsboro16-6-12---------------
Town of Westminster2641--433-------1-----
Town of Whitingham212------------------
Town of Wilmington1926------------------
Windsor County--------------------
Town of Barnard743-----1------------
Town of Bethel250------------------
Town of Cavendish29191-----------------
Town of Chester958---1-1------------
Town of Hartland4619--7-------------1-
Town of Pomfret4810------------------
Town of Reading3022--9--3------------
Town of Royalton3722-11---------------
Town of Sharon1045------------------
Town of Springfield449------------------




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Tunbridge Town Records.
Vergennes Town Records.
Wardsboro Town Records.
Westminster Town Records.
Whitingham Town Records.
Wilmington Town Records.
Spooner's Vermont Journal (Windsor, VT). October 19, 1795.
Fairbanks, Edward Taylor. The Town of St. Johnsbury VT: a review of one hundred and twenty-five years to the anniversary pageant 1912. St. Johnsbury, VT: The Cowles Press, 1914.
Wells, Frederick P. History of Newbury, Vermont. St. Johnsbury, VT: The Caledonian, 1902.

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