New York 1821 U.S. House of Representatives, District 22

U.S. House of Representatives (Federal)
U.S. Congressman
New York 1821 U.S. House of Representatives, District 22
New York
First Ballot
U.S. House of Representatives/U.S. Congressman
Albert H. Tracey, Benjamin Ellicott, Benedict Brooks, Robert Anderson, Samuel MacWhorter, James MacCall, Henry Seymour, Gratton H. Wheeler, Amos Peabody, William Rice, Daniel Waldo, Daniel Biddlecome, David Eason, John A. Bryan, Samuel M. Hopkins, Stephen Bates
Candidates: Albert H. Tracey[1]Benjamin EllicottBenedict BrooksRobert AndersonSamuel MacWhorterJames MacCallHenry SeymourGratton H. WheelerAmos PeabodyWilliam RiceDaniel WaldoDaniel BiddlecomeDavid EasonJohn A. BryanSamuel M. HopkinsStephen Bates
Final Result: 7020678922211111111111
District of Twenty Two7020678922211111111111
Allegany County568648---1111-------
Town of Angelica8458--------------
Town of Almond7613--------------
Town of Alfred3167--------------
Town of Independence[2]501--------------
Town of Friendship583--------------
Town of Centerville3244--------------
Town of Nunda12249--------------
Town of Caneadea375--------------
Town of Pike58131--------------
Town of Rushford3570--------------
Town of Ossian7257--------------
Cattaraugus County----------------
Chautauque County811655-------11-----
Town of Chautauqua7338--------------
Town of Clymer235--------------
Town of Ellery3363--------------
Town of Ellicott5834--------------
Town of Gerry7962--------------
Town of Hanover111114--------------
Town of Harmony6441--------------
Town of Pomfret177128--------------
Town of Portland8977--------------
Town of Ripley8541--------------
Town of Stockton4022--------------
Erie County1225830--------------
Town of Amherst6720--------------
Town of Aurora20919--------------
Town of Boston798--------------
Town of Buffalo183101--------------
Town of Clarence143250--------------
Town of Concord177109--------------
Town of Eden4745--------------
Town of Evans2536--------------
Town of Hamburgh147116--------------
Town of Holland2094--------------
Town of Wales12832--------------
Genesee County29762917222------1----
Town of Attica119146--------------
Town of Alexander113100--------------
Town of Batavia209184--------------
Town of Byron14746--------------
Town of Barre115119--------------
Town of Bennington8252--------------
Town of Bergen6072--------------
Town of Bethany15894--------------
Town of Clarendon5383--------------
Town of China5460--------------
Town of Castile4360--------------
Town of Covington95243--------------
Town of Elba11377--------------
Town of Gaines7092--------------
Town of Gainsville6297--------------
Town of LeRoy230244--------------
Town of Middlebury134194--------------
Town of Murray12490--------------
Town of Orangeville11493--------------
Town of Pembroke258132--------------
Town of Perry9463--------------
Town of Ridgeway125106--------------
Town of Stafford185144--------------
Town of Shelby4396--------------
Town of Sheldon9245--------------
Town of Warsaw84185--------------
Town of Yates----------------
Livingston County10001188--------------
Town of Avon50206--------------
Town of Caledonia10514--------------
Town of Freeport43101--------------
Town of Geneseo101101--------------
Town of Groveland46109--------------
Town of Leicester13361--------------
Town of Lima10262--------------
Town of Livonia106187--------------
Town of Mount Morris5563--------------
Town of Sparta86113--------------
Town of Springwater8673--------------
Town of York8798--------------
Niagara County[3]440551----------1111
Town of Cambria67111--------------
Town of Hartland9579--------------
Town of Lewiston2599--------------
Town of Niagara1855--------------
Town of Porter4372--------------
Town of Royalton13395--------------
Town of Wilson5940--------------


[2]The returns from Independence town are not included in results reported by Angelica Republican (Angelica, NY) of May 8, 1821.
[3]Benjamin Ellicott received 1 vote as Ellicott.


Original Election Returns.
Republican Advocate (Batavia, NY). April 20, 1821.
Spirit of the Times (Batavia, NY). May 4, 1821.
New-York Censor (Fredonia, NY). May 8, 1821.
Angelica Republican (Angelica, NY). May 8, 1821.
Spirit of the Times (Batavia, NY). May 11, 1821.
The Albany Argus (Albany, NY). May 29, 1821.

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