New York 1809 Assistant Alderman, New York, Ward 6

Assistant Alderman (City)
Assistant Alderman
New York 1809 Assistant Alderman, New York, Ward 6
New York
First Ballot
Assistant Alderman/Assistant Alderman
Isaac Douglass, John Coffin, Richard L. Walker
Candidates: Isaac Douglass[1]John CoffinRichard L. Walker
Final Result: [2][3][4][5][6]406271160
City of New York---
Ward Six406271160


[2]Newspaper sources carried variations of the following statement: "Three tickets were run in this ward, one Federal, one Madisonian, and one Clintonian." The Public Advertiser (New York, NY) calls the Clintonians Quids.
[3]All sources identify John Coffin as Madisonian, except for the Public Advertiser (New York, NY), which identifies him as Republican.
[4]The Columbian (New York, NY) uses the spelling Douglas for Isaac Douglass.
[5]The Geneva Gazette (Geneva, NY) and The Berkshire Reporter (Pittsfield, MA) report 150 votes for Richard L. Walker in Ward 6.
[6]"CHARTER ELECTION. THE result has been such as was to have been expected. If republicans will labor to destroy themselves, who will save them? ... We have carried the 5th and 10th wards--we have come within 5 votes of electing our candidate in the 4th ward. In the third we were united, and obtained our accustomed number. But in the sixth, seventh and eighth wards the republicans presented two tickets; and what is the consequence?--a total defeat. Let us make a reflection on this subject. One part of the republican body insisted on substituting new candidates in the place of the old, and others refused to abandon men whom they alledged deserved well of the party. Neither side would yield; and if accomodation was offered it was rejected, under the vain idea that they could do without each other. ... The ballot-box has shewn that neither section can succeed without the aid of the other. ... The federalists by our divisions have obtained a triumph even in our strong holds. ... One of the People." The Columbian (New York, NY). November 27, 1809.


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