Maine 1820 Electoral College, District 6

Electoral College (Federal)
Maine 1820 Electoral College, District 6
First Ballot
Electoral College/Elector
Josiah Prescott, Joshua Cushman, Thomas Rice, scattering
Electors: Josiah Prescott[1][2]Joshua CushmanThomas Ricescattering
Presidential Candidate:James Monroe
Final Result: [3]524--33
District of Six52433--
Kennebec County----
Town of Belgrade----
Town of China----
Town of Clinton----
Town of Dearborn----
Town of Fairfax----
Town of Freedom----
Town of Freeman----
Town of Harlem----
Town of Joy----
Town of Mount Vernon----
Town of Rome----
Town of Sidney----
Town of Unity----
Town of Vassalborough----
Town of Vienna----
Town of Waterville3211-
Town of Windslow----
Somerset County----
Town of Anson----
Town of Athens----
Town of Avon----
Town of Bingham----
Town of Bloomfield----
Town of Canaan----
Town of Chesterville----
Town of Corinna----
Town of Cornville----
Town of Embden----
Town of Fairfield----
Town of Farmington----
Town of Harmony----
Town of Hartland----
Town of Industry----
Town of Kingfield----
Town of Madison----
Town of Mercer----
Town of Moscow----
Town of New Portland----
Town of New Sharon----
Town of New Vineyard----
Town of Norridgewock----
Town of North Hill----
Town of Palmyra----
Town of Phillips----
Town of Ripley----
Town of Saint Albans----
Town of Solon----
Town of Starks----
Town of Strong----
Town of Temple----
Town of Warsaw----
Town of Wilton----


[1]Of Farmington.
[3]Joshua Cushman was a candidate for U.S. House of Representatives.


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