Massachusetts 1790 U.S. House of Representatives, District 8

U.S. House of Representatives (Federal)
U.S. Congressman
Massachusetts 1790 U.S. House of Representatives, District 8
First Ballot
U.S. House of Representatives/U.S. Congressman
George Thacher, William Lithgow, Jr., Nathaniel Wells, Josiah Thacher, William Martin, Arthur Noble, Daniel Davis, Peleg Wadsworth, Thomas Rice, William Widgery, Henry Sewall, John Gardiner, Samuel Nasson, Daniel Cony, Charles Chauncey, Isaac Randal, T. B. White
Candidates: George ThacherWilliam Lithgow, Jr.Nathaniel WellsJosiah ThacherWilliam MartinArthur NobleDaniel DavisPeleg WadsworthThomas RiceWilliam WidgeryHenry SewallJohn GardinerSamuel NassonDaniel ConyCharles ChaunceyIsaac RandalT. B. White
Final Result: [1][2]60936426315080592925161512632111
District of Eight60936426315080592925161512632111
Cumberland County1064310911362----15-----11
Town of Bakerstown[3]-----------------
Town of Bridgetown[4]-----------------
Town of Brunswick77---------------
Town of Cape Elizabeth---34-------------
Town of Durham---16-------------
Town of Freeport323---------------
Town of Gorham15--27-------------
Town of Gray--13-26------------
Town of Harpswell471--------------
Town of New Gloucester953-1----14-------
Town of North Yarmouth12---35----1-------
Town of Otisfield[5]-----------------
Town of Portland2116522-----------11
Town of Raymondstown[6]-----------------
Town of Scarboro16-124-------------
Town of Shepardston[7]-----------------
Town of Standish2--8-------------
Town of Turner4----------------
Town of Windham13----------------
Hancock County9632-19---25---------
Town of Belfast-------25---------
Town of Blue Hill21----------------
Town of Camden[8]-----------------
Town of Deer Isle12----------------
Town of Frankfurt-20---------------
Town of Goldsboro[9]-----------------
Town of Isleboro-----------------
Town of Mount Desert15----------------
Town of Orrington19----------------
Town of Penobscot79---------------
Town of Sedgwick[10]-----------------
Town of Sullivan11----------------
Town of Trenton113---------------
Town of Vinalhaven---19-------------
Lincoln County229278-181859--16-121-2---
Town of Ballstown[11]-----------------
Town of Bath351---------------
Town of Boothbay1232---------------
Town of Bowdoin21----------------
Town of Bowdoinham-6---------------
Town of Bristol---310------------
Town of Canaan[12]-----------------
Town of Cushing[13]-----------------
Town of Edgecomb36----------------
Town of Fairfield----10------------
Town of Georgetown-34---------------
Town of Greene2--15-------------
Town of Hallowell239---------------
Town of Hancock[14]-----------------
Town of Lewiston11----------------
Town of Medencook[15]-----------------
Town of New Castle141--8------------
Town of Nobleboro-2---59-----------
Town of Norridgewalk133---------------
Town of Pittston-6---------------
Town of Pownalboro3115------2--------
Town of Thomaston[16]-----------------
Town of Topsham142---------------
Town of Union-9-----------2---
Town of Vassalboro78---------------
Town of Waldoboro25----------------
Town of Wales15----------------
Town of Warren-19---------------
Town of Washington[17]-----------------
Town of Winslow722------14-21-----
Town of Winthrop15----------------
Town of Woolwich129---------------
Washington County2610---------------
Town of Machias610---------------
Plantation from Whalers20----------------
York County1521154---29----53-1--
Town of Arundel1-22--------3-----
Town of Berwick13-----------3----
Town of Biddeford201---------------
Town of Brownfield[18]-----------------
Town of Buxton46-4--------2-----
Town of Coxhall--19--------------
Town of Francisboro[19]-----------------
Town of Fryburgh-----------------
Town of Kittery--4---21----------
Town of Lebanon1-----5----------
Town of Limerick[20]-----------------
Town of Little Ossipee[21]-----------------
Town of Littlefalls13-1--------------
Town of Parsonsfield21----------------
Town of Pepperrelboro3-24-----------1--
Town of Sandford3-16---3----------
Town of Shapleigh9-4--------------
Town of Waterborough2-5--------------
Town of Wells2-29--------------
Town of York18-26--------------


[1]Massachusetts law required a majority to elect for the U.S. House of Representatives. A 2nd Trial would be held on November 26, 1790.
[2]"Maine District. No Choice. Whole number 1636. A choice 819." Cumberland Gazette (Portland, ME). November 15, 1790.
[3]There were no votes recorded in Bakerstown.
[4]There were no votes recorded in Bridgetown.
[5]There were no votes recorded in Otisfield.
[6]There were no votes recorded in Raymondstown.
[7]There were no votes recorded in Shepardston.
[8]There were no votes recorded in Camden.
[9]There were no votes recorded in Goldsboro.
[10]There were no votes recorded in Sedgwick.
[11]There were no votes recorded in Ballstown.
[12]There were no votes recorded in Canaan.
[13]There were no votes recorded in Cushing.
[14]There were no votes recorded in Hancock.
[15]There were no votes recorded in Medencook.
[16]There were no votes recorded in Thomaston.
[17]There were no votes recorded in Washington.
[18]There were no votes recorded in Brownfield.
[19]There were no votes recorded in Francisboro.
[20]There were no votes recorded in Limerick.
[21]There were no votes recorded in Little Ossipee.


Original Election Returns. Massachusetts State Archives, Boston.
Cumberland Gazette (Portland, ME). November 15, 1790.
Western Star (Stockbridge, MA). November 16, 1790.
Farrow, John Pendleton. History of Isleborough, Maine. Bangor, ME: T. W. Burr, 1893. 39.

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