Massachusetts 1803 Selectman, Boston

Selectman (Town)
Massachusetts 1803 Selectman, Boston
First Ballot
Joseph Howard, Jonathan Hunnewell, William Porter, Russell Sturgis, David Tilden, John Tilleston, Charles Bulfinch, Ebenezer Oliver, William Sherburne, Jonathan Harris, Thomas Lewis, James Prince
Candidates: Joseph Howard[1]Jonathan Hunnewell[2]William Porter[3]Russell Sturgis[4]David Tilden[5]John Tilleston[6]Charles Bulfinch[7]Ebenezer Oliver[8]William Sherburne[9]Jonathan HarrisThomas LewisJames Prince
Final Result: [10][11]134613461346134613461346691691682620620620
Town of Boston134613461346134613461346691691682620620620


[10]"Town-Meeting.--Previous to the meeting on Monday last, it was reported, that the Democrats were making arrangements to effect a partial change in the Board of Selectmen. As a majority of the inhabitants of Boston are federal republicans, a change could not have been effected but by some secret arrangements which might have secured the attendance of a considerable proportion of the democratic party, while most of the federalists were absent. The currency of the rumour, however, produced the attendance of a sufficient number of Federalists to prevent an anti-republican result. It is probable the Federal majority would have increased had the poll been kept open longer. The following authentic list of the votes will serve to correct a mistake in the Chronicle of yesterday. Whole number of votes 1346. Necessary to a choice 674." New-England Palladium (Boston, MA). March 18, 1803.
[11]"The Palladium says, the assertion that the contested Selectmen received a majority of but two votes is incorrect--that the following is an authentic list of the votes. Therefore to give them full credit for their 'splendid triumph,' we publish the votes as stated by them. Whole number of Votes 1326. Necessary to make a choice 674 ... Thus it appears, by the above statement, that with all their equivocations, they did not obtain but about twelve votes more than was necessary to make a choice; and had the poll continued open 15 minutes longer, there is not a doubt but the republican ticket would have completely succeeded." Republican Gazetteer (Boston, MA). March 19, 1803.


New-England Palladium (Boston, MA). March 18, 1803.
Republican Gazetteer (Boston, MA). March 19, 1803.

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