Maine 1822 State Senate, Lincoln County

State Senate (State)
State Senator
Maine 1822 State Senate, Lincoln County
First Ballot
State Senate/State Senator
Daniel Rose, Nathaniel Greene, Peleg Tallman, Edward Kelleran, Isaac G. Reed, Jonas Wheeler, Samuel Thatcher, P. MacCobb, Josiah Stebbins, Henry Whitney, Payn Elwell, E. Farley, John Dole, Thomas Eastman
Candidates: Daniel Rose[1][2]Nathaniel Greene[3][4]Peleg Tallman[5][6]Edward Kelleran[7]Isaac G. ReedJonas WheelerSamuel ThatcherP. MacCobbJosiah StebbinsHenry WhitneyPayn ElwellE. FarleyJohn DoleThomas Eastman
Final Result: 2247219314641023726---------
Lincoln County2247219314641023726---------
Town of Alna959735-3261--54-----
Appleton Plantation--------------
Town of Bath201278268193120---------
Town of Boothbay--------------
Town of Bowdoin--------------
Town of Bowdoinham--------------
Town of Bristol878885269-45-------
Town of Camden86949313-78--------
Town of Cushing32322819413--------
Town of Dresden2434293123---8--21
Town of Edgecomb334444------9----
Town of Friendship--------------
Town of Georgetown49494748----------
Town of Hope--------------
Town of Jefferson--------------
Town of Litchfield--------------
Town of Lewiston67675985312------2-
Town of Lisbon--------------
Town of Montville--------------
Montville Plantation--------------
Town of Newcastle7676772013-41-------
Town of Nobleborough80826858210-----21--
Town of Palermo--------------
Patricktown Plantation--------------
Town of Phipsburg64651106446---------
Town of Putnam--------------
Town of Saint George--------------
Town of Thomaston--------------
Town of Topsham--------------
Town of Union--------------
Town of Waldoborough--9-75--60------
Town of Wales--------------
Town of Warren--------------
Town of Whitfield--------------
Town of Wiscasset6710710113261210--4235---
Town of Woolwich86948375-7--------




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