New York 1806 U.S. House of Representatives, District 15

U.S. House of Representatives (Federal)
U.S. Congressman
New York 1806 U.S. House of Representatives, District 15
New York
First Ballot
U.S. House of Representatives/U.S. Congressman
William Kirkpatrick, John Nicholson, Gaylord Griswold, Moss Kent, Walter Martin, Reuben Humphrey, George Brayton, Jacob Burr, Uri Doolittle, Rozell Fellows, Simeon Forbes, Thomas R. Gould, Benjamin Harrison, Charles Z. Platt, Jonas Platt
Candidates: William Kirkpatrick[1]John NicholsonGaylord GriswoldMoss KentWalter MartinReuben HumphreyGeorge BraytonJacob BurrUri DoolittleRozell FellowsSimeon ForbesThomas R. GouldBenjamin HarrisonCharles Z. PlattJonas Platt
Final Result: 2630212417552111111111
District of Fifteen[2]2630212417552111111111
Herkimer County[3]7775921------------
Jefferson County[4][5]37233916552-1--1----
Town of Adams145-------------
Town of Brownsville697-------------
Town of Champion9421-------------
Town of Ellisburgh1879-------------
Town of Harrison847-------------
Town of Henderson818-------------
Town of Houndsfield518-------------
Town of Le Roy512-------------
Town of Malta2--------------
Town of Rutland4139-------------
Town of Watertown2973-------------
Lewis County[6]85271-------------
Town of Harrisburgh1554-------------
Town of Leyden323-------------
Town of Lowville3881-------------
Town of Martinsburgh-133-------------
Town of Turin[7]---------------
Oneida County[8][9][10]1394922----1-11-1111
Town of Augusta11155-------------
Town of Boonville[11]---------------
Town of Bridgewater5356-------------
Town of Camden3518-------------
Town of Deerfield6320-------------
Town of Florence318-------------
Town of Floyd823-------------
Town of Mexico-22-------------
Town of Paris[12]24891-------------
Town of Redfield-49-------------
Town of Remsen1224-------------
Town of Rome[13]8661-------------
Town of Sangerfield9240-------------
Town of Steuben1054-------------
Town of Trenton5636-------------
Town of Vernon5354-------------
Town of Verona3630-------------
Town of Western3190-------------
Town of Westmoreland3132-------------
Town of Whitestown[14]33969-------------
Town of Williamstown42--------------
Saint Lawrence County---------------


[2]The official canvass of votes lists 2628 votes for William Kirkpatrick in District 15.
[3]The Columbian Gazette, May 6, lists 775 votes for William Kirkpatrick in Herkimer county.
[4]In 1806, Jefferson county voted with Lewis county, and most sources list returns from the two counties together.
[5]Jefferson County return includes vote from Brownville, which was rejected in the official canvass.
[6]In 1806, Lewis county voted with Jefferson county, and most sources list returns from the two counties together.
[7]No returns were received from Turin.
[8]The Columbian Gazette, May 13, lists 1353 votes for William Kirkpatrick in Oneida county.
[9]John Nichilson received 42 votes as John Nicholas and 18 votes as Joh. Nicholson.
[10]William Kirkpatrick received 1 vote as Wilm. Kirkpatrick.
[11]No returns are listed from Boonville.
[12]The Patriot, May 6, lists 247 votes for William Kirkpatrick in Paris.
[13]The Patriot, May 6, the Columbian Gazette, May 13, and The Albany Register (Albany, NY), May 20, list 51 vote for John Nicholson in Rome.
[14]The Patriot, May 6, lists 337 votes for William Kirkpatrick in Whitestown.


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