New York 1799 Assembly, Columbia County

Assembly (State)
New York 1799 Assembly, Columbia County
New York
First Ballot
Ezekiel Gilbert, Robert T. Livingston, Jacob R. Van Rensselaer, Charles MacKinstry, Anson Platt, John Noyes, Philip L. Hoffman, Elisha Jenkins, Jonathan Warner, William Tanner, Killian Hogeboom, John P. Van Ness, Asa Douglass, Lawrence Fonda, Elisha Gilbert, Peter J. Vosburgh, John L. Van Alen, Nathaniel House, John C. Hogeboom, John Warner, William Dannert, Squire Borcham, Palmer Cady, Roger Janes, John MacKinstry, Jacob Williams, Benjamin Birdsall, Ire Lawrence, James Vanather, Elisha Williams, Monis Lawrence, Jocob T. Renselaer, William Turner, Philip L. Hogeboom, James Tanner, Jonathan Waine, Samuel Ten Broeck
Candidates: Ezekiel Gilbert[1]Robert T. Livingston[2]Jacob R. Van Rensselaer[3]Charles MacKinstry[4]Anson Platt[5]John Noyes[6]Philip L. HoffmanElisha JenkinsJonathan WarnerWilliam TannerKillian HogeboomJohn P. Van NessAsa DouglassLawrence FondaElisha GilbertPeter J. VosburghJohn L. Van AlenNathaniel HouseJohn C. HogeboomJohn WarnerWilliam DannertSquire BorchamPalmer CadyRoger JanesJohn MacKinstryJacob WilliamsBenjamin BirdsallIre LawrenceJames VanatherElisha WilliamsMonis LawrenceJocob T. RenselaerWilliam TurnerPhilip L. HogeboomJames TannerJonathan WaineSamuel Ten Broeck
Final Result: [7]135313501324131312891241114093993092591390461432913733222111111111111111
Columbia County135313501324131312891241114093993092591390461432913733222111111111111111
Town of Canaan19118519018818713313814515314113913861--2------1111-----------
Town of Chatham[8][9][10]1801731801751731769798999994100-------1-----------------
Town of Claverack[11][12][13][14]947398878995180181175183192182-33-76---22---------------
Town of Clermont11131151312494037383738-------------------------
Town of Germantown524852475052744544-------------------------
Town of Hillsdale[15][16][17][18]232186181259227226184169176176165159--29--31-------111111-----
City of Hudson217182212218209216133151133127127118-9--1-21------------1----
Town of Kinderhook[19]224216225221213229777380818097---------------------1---
Town of Livingston[20]1522741751131281022757873757568-1-4------------------111


[7]The Albany Gazette (Albany, NY) lists 1253 votes for Ezekiel Gilbert, 1343 votes for Robert T. Livingston, 1318 votes for Jacob R. Van Rensselaer, 1285 votes for Anson Platt, 1248 votes for John Noyes, 921 votes for Jonathan Warner, 1140 votes for Killian Hogeboom, 900 votes for John P. Van Ness
[8]Robert T. Livingston received 1 vote as Robert R. Livingston.
[9]John P. Van Ness received 1 vote as John Van Ness.
[10]Jacob R. Van Rensselaer received 1 vote as Jacob Van Rensselaer.
[11]Jacob R. Van Rensselaer received 2 votes as Jacob Van Rensselaer.
[12]John L. Van Alen received 2 votes as John L. Van Alen Jr.
[13]Peter J. Vosburgh received 2 votes as Peter Vosburgh.
[14]Lawrence Fonda received 1 vote as Lawrence A. Fonda.
[15]Robert T. Livingston received 1 vote as Robert Livingston, 2 votes as Robert A. Livingston and 1 vote as Robert R. Livingston.
[16]Jacob R. Van Rensselaer received 3 votes as Jacob Van Rensselaer.
[17]Elisha Jenkins received 1 vote as Elishima Jenkins.
[18]Anson Platt received 1 vote as Aneal Pratt and 1 vote as Ansel Pratt.
[19]John P. Van Ness received 2 votes as John Van Ness.
[20]Robert T. Livingston received 2 votes as Robert Livingston.


Original Election Certificate.
The Albany Gazette (Albany, NY). May 10, 1799.

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