New Jersey 1802 Governor

Governor (State)
New Jersey 1802 Governor
New Jersey
First Ballot
Richard Stockton, Joseph Bloomfield
Candidates: Richard StocktonJoseph Bloomfield
Final Result: [1][2][3]2626
In convention2626


[1]"On Tuesday last the Members of the Legislature from the several Counties of this state, convened at the State-House in this city. ... On counting the votes for Governor, there appeared: For Joseph Bloomfield, 26. For Richard Stockton, 26. Consequently no choice was made. ... On Friday, a motion was made in the House of Assembly, by a Republican Member, that a message be sent to Council informing that body that the House were ready to go into a Joint-Meeting for the purpose of appointing a Governor and a Chief Justice. This motion was opposed by the Federal party in the House; and was defeated by their negativing the previous question. From present appearances, therefore, there is little room to expect that a Governor will be appointed this year.--In such case, the Vice-President [of the Council] is invested by the 8th section of the Constitution of New-Jersey with all the powers and attributes which attach to the office of Governor.--As the Vice-President is an inflexible Republican; and as the appointment of Senator, if not made by Joint-Meeting, will devolve upon him; the Republicans can lose nothing by the obstinacy of their opponents, but the pleasure of re-appointing their present Governor.--While any injury of inconvenience which may accrue to the state or to individuals from the want of a Governor, will be justly chargeable to the Federal party, who, without strength sufficient to appoint another, in the first instance prevented the re-appointment of the present Governor, and in the second refused even to allow an opportunity of making a choice." The True American (Trenton, NJ). November 1, 1802.
[2]"Extract of a letter from Trenton, to a Gentleman in this city, dated October 28, 1802. 'It is now well ascertained, this state is to go without a Governor. The business was fully tried this afternoon in joint meeting: when the votes were equally divided viz. 26 for Mr. Bloomfield, and the same number (26) for R. Stockton, Esquire. It is decidedly understood, that neither Party will yield; of course, there cannot be an Election.'" The Intelligencer, and Weekly Advertiser (Lancaster, PA). November 2, 1802.
[3]"Each having an equal number of votes, there was consequently no Governor chosen. The same division appeared on the question for electing a Senator .... The joint-meeting then broke up, without making a single appointment." The Centinel of Freedom (Newark, NJ). November 2, 1802.


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The Centinel of Freedom (Newark, NJ). November 2, 1802.
The Intelligencer, and Weekly Advertiser (Lancaster, PA). November 2, 1802.

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