New York 1801 Assembly, Columbia County

Assembly (State)
New York 1801 Assembly, Columbia County
New York
First Ballot
Samuel Ten Broeck, Peter Van Alstyne, Thomas Broadhead, Josiah Holley, Moses Younglove, Henry W. Livingston, David Bebee, John P. Van Ness, Hezekiah L. Hosmer, Charles MacKinstry, Anson Pratt, Dirck Gardenier, Benjamin Birdsall, Peter Van Ness, David Younglove, John Bebee, David Hawley, Thaddeus Newell, Alonson Pratt, Thomas Williams, Ephraim Boarman, John Smith, Enos Meacham, Joseph Younglove, Prosper L. Hosmer, Henry L. Hosmer, Ezekiel L. Hosmer, James Holly, William Bryant
Candidates: Samuel Ten BroeckPeter Van AlstyneThomas BroadheadJosiah HolleyMoses YoungloveHenry W. LivingstonDavid BebeeJohn P. Van NessHezekiah L. HosmerCharles MacKinstryAnson PrattDirck GardenierBenjamin BirdsallPeter Van NessDavid YoungloveJohn BebeeDavid HawleyThaddeus NewellAlonson PrattThomas WilliamsEphraim BoarmanJohn SmithEnos MeachamJoseph YoungloveProsper L. HosmerHenry L. HosmerEzekiel L. HosmerJames HollyWilliam Bryant
Final Result: 16871597157115661565155615531542152115191507143842211111111111111
Columbia County16871597157115661565155615531542152115191507143842211111111111111
Town of Canaan[1]240237207233247210233235213214206207---11111111------
Town of Chatham167182162162165160162175162165160151-----------1111--
Town of Claverack[2]219213125206208128210197114118118116-----------------
Town of Clermont443077232163271756544752-----------------
Town of Germantown[3]65-85--84--85828522-----------------
Town of Hillsdale3633611263613591253643561291281261264----------------
City of Hudson222214156217218152216211160153156146-----------------
Town of Kinderhook[4][5][6][7]212211177202202179198209173185178184-2---------------
Town of Livingston[8][9][10][11][12]155149456162145455143142429420431434--2------------11


[1]John P. Van Ness received 1 vote as John Van Ness.
[2]Hezekiah L. Hosmer received 1 vote as Ezekiel L. Hosmer.
[3]Henry W. Livingston received 1 vote as Henry L. Livingston.
[4]Peter Van Alstyne received 1 vote as Peter A. Van Alstyne and 1 vote as Peter J. Van Alstyne.
[5]Samuel Ten Broeck received 1 vote as Samuel D. Ten Broeck.
[6]John P. Van Ness received 1 vote as John D. Van Ness and 2 votes as John Van Ness.
[7]Henry W. Livingston received 1 vote as Henry N. Livingston.
[8]John P. Van Ness received 8 vote as John P. V. Ness.
[9]Thomas Broadhead received 2 vote as T. Broadhed.
[10]Peter Van Alstyne received 7 votes as Peter V. Alstyne.
[11]Samuel Ten Broeck received 1 vote as Samuel L. Ten Broeck.
[12]Hezekiah L. Hosmer received 1 vote as Hezekiah Hosmer and 1 vote as Hez' L. Hosmer.


Original Election Certificate.
Hudson Gazette (Hudson, NY). May 11, 1801.
The Albany Register (Albany, NY). May 15, 1801.

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