New York 1809 Assembly, Rockland County

Assembly (State)
New York 1809 Assembly, Rockland County
New York
First Ballot
Peter S. Van Orden, Nicholas Gesner, Thomas Smith, Peter DeNoyelles, Claus R. Van Houten
Candidates: Peter S. Van Orden[1]Nicholas GesnerThomas SmithPeter DeNoyellesClaus R. Van Houten
Final Result: [2]221138594138
Rockland County221138594138
Town of Clarkstown504842021
Town of Haverstraw23349161
Town of Hempstead1313613
Town of Orange1784-413


[2]"COMMUNICATION. Rockland County.--At no period since my recollection have we had such a multiplicity of candidates offered for our suffrages for the state legislature as at our last election. No less than five suffered themselves to be nominated, each relying on their particular friends. This precedent is truly singular in a county like this, where but one sentiment actuates almost every elector. Divisions of this kind if persisted in may ultimately be a source of much mischief by breeding jealousies and animosities, with all their concomitant evils. It may be asked why such division among men of the same principle? The public ought to know that we have two ambitious men who wish to dictate to this county, whose dictum they conceive the people ought implicitly to obey.--They, without consulting the county, nominated a candidate, (shortly after Mr. Verbryck declined another election) with the fullest confidence that their nomination would succeed. How sadly have they been disappointed. Although their candidate, Mr. Van Houten, is a man of the strictest integrity, has ever been actuated by the purest patriotism, and of equal talents with his competitors, still he had the least number of votes, owing to his nomination coming from the source it did; from men who merit not, nor do they possess the public confidence. This mode of nomination induced several others to proceed in a similar manner, trusting that their popularity would recommend their candidates to an equal if not superior suffrage. The ambitious men have been sufficiently convinced of their want of popularity and that however worthy their candidate may be, still the electors hold a right in making a nomination either by town committees, or a general meeting of the county. Col. Peter S. Van Orden is the successful candidate, although it is presumed by many that Mr. Nicholas Gisnor will demand the seat, owing to an incorrect return from the town of Hempstead. --AN OBSERVER. Rockland, May 6th, 1809." American Citizen (New York, NY). May 15, 1809.


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