New York 1814 U.S. House of Representatives, District 11

U.S. House of Representatives (Federal)
U.S. Congressman
New York 1814 U.S. House of Representatives, District 11
New York
First Ballot
U.S. House of Representatives/U.S. Congressman
John W. Taylor, Elisha Powell, Guert Van Schoonhoven, John Woodworth, Howell Gardner, Samuel Bailey, John M. Berry, Benjamin Cowles, Alpheus Goodrich, Richard Ketcham, William Patrick, Jr., Epenetus White, Jr., Samuel Young
Candidates: John W. Taylor[1]Elisha PowellGuert Van SchoonhovenJohn WoodworthHowell GardnerSamuel BaileyJohn M. BerryBenjamin CowlesAlpheus GoodrichRichard KetchamWilliam Patrick, Jr.Epenetus White, Jr.Samuel Young
Final Result: [2][3][4]2133155655211111111
District of Eleven2133155611111111111
Saratoga County[5]2133155611111111111
Town of Ballston166106-----------
Town of Charlton[6]120158-----------
Town of Edinburgh10945-----------
Town of Galway177112-----------
Town of Greenfield216157-----------
Town of Hadley14135-----------
Town of Halfmoon302232-----------
Town of Malta10170-----------
Town of Milton171108-----------
Town of Moreau12242-----------
Town of Northumberland[7]126143-----------
Town of Providence[8]7799-----------
Town of Saratoga201109-----------
Town of Stillwater[9]104140-----------


[2]The Columbian (New York, NY) and The Columbian. (For the Country) (New York, NY) use the name T.W. Taylor for John W. Taylor.
[3]The Columbian (New York, NY), The Columbian. (For the Country) (New York, NY), and The Cabinet (Schenectady, NY) report 1556 votes for Elisha Powell; however, the sum of totals per town is 1559.
[4]Epenetus White, Jr., William Patrick, Jr., John M. Berry, Samuel Bailey, Howell Gardner, Benjamin Cowles, Samuel Young and Richard Ketcham were candidates for Assembly. John Woodworth and Guert Van Schoonhoven were candidates for State Senate.
[5]Elisha Powell received 1 vote as Elijah Powell.
[6]The Columbian (New York, NY) reports 159 votes for Elisha Powell in Charlton.
[7]The Columbian (New York, NY) reports 148 votes for Elisha Powell in Northumberland.
[8]The Columbian (New York, NY) reports 90 votes for Elisha Powell in Providence.
[9]The Columbian (New York, NY) reports 143 votes for Elisha Powell in Stillwater.


The Cabinet (Schenectady, NY). May 18, 1814.
The Columbian (New York, NY). May 26, 1814.
The Columbian. (For the Country) (New York, NY). May 28, 1814.
The Columbian (New York, NY). June 10, 1814.

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