New Hampshire 1809 Governor's Council, Rockingham County

Governor's Council (State)
Governor's Councillor
New Hampshire 1809 Governor's Council, Rockingham County
New Hampshire
First Ballot
Governor's Council/Governor's Councillor
Elijah Hall, John Bell, Jr., Edward Evans, Richard Evans, John Godard, C. Clagget, William A. Kent, John Langdon, Nathan Taylor, Matthew Tillard, Josiah Adams, John Bradley, Josiah Sanborn, Jeremiah Smith, Josiah Bartlett, Daniel Butler, Jr., Daniel Chestin, Nathan Dow, Jr., Nathaniel Fulsom, Thomas Furnald, Jr., Ezekiel Godfrey, John Ladd, Nathaniel Parker, George Sullivan
Candidates: Elijah Hall[1]John Bell, Jr.Edward EvansRichard EvansJohn GodardC. ClaggetWilliam A. KentJohn LangdonNathan TaylorMatthew TillardJosiah AdamsJohn BradleyJosiah SanbornJeremiah SmithJosiah BartlettDaniel Butler, Jr.Daniel ChestinNathan Dow, Jr.Nathaniel FulsomThomas Furnald, Jr.Ezekiel GodfreyJohn LaddNathaniel ParkerGeorge Sullivan
Final Result: 420734311211105543322221111111111
Rockingham County420734311211105543322221111111111
Town of Allenstown2915----------------------
Town of Atkinson5324----------------------
Town of Bow5940----------------------
Town of Brentwood34113----------------------
Town of Candia6696----------------------
Town of Canterbury12989-----1----------------
Town of Chester105223----------------------
Town of Chichester[2]7251----------------------
Town of Concord174222-----1---1-1--------1-
Town of Deerfield22462--1---------------1---
Town of East Kingston[3]3729----------------------
Town of Epping58121----------------------
Town of Epsom16614----11--2-------------
Town of Exeter97186---------------------1
Town of Greenland8814----------------------
Town of Hampstead6643----------------------
Town of Hampton7086----------------------
Town of Hampton Falls1669----------------------
Town of Hawke4713----------------------
Town of Kensington2659----------2----1------
Town of Kingston6258-----------1----------
Town of Londonderry94316----------------------
Town of Loudon8094----4--------------1--
Town of New Castle931----------------------
Town of Newington[4]7312----------------------
Town of Newmarket15524------33--------------
Town of Newton[5]5019----------------------
Town of North Hampton6249-----1----------------
Town of Northfield11524----------------------
Town of Northwood6489---------1------------
Town of Nottingham8951-----------------1----
Town of Pelham9793-------------1--------
Town of Pembroke[6]47125----------------------
Town of Pittsfield10070----------------------
Town of Plaistow4623----------------------
Town of Poplin[7]1637----------------------
Town of Portsmouth77431912119-----------1-1-----
Town of Raymond7449----------------------
Town of Rye1793----------------------
Town of Salem89135---5------------------
Town of Sandown4634----------------------
Town of Seabrook1883------------1---------
Town of South Hampton4011----------------------
Town of Stratham11818----------------------
Town of Windham10125----------------------


[2]John Bell, Jr. received 51 votes as John Bell.
[3]John Bell, Jr. received 29 votes as John Bell.
[4]John Bell, Jr. received 12 votes as John Bell.
[5]John Bell, Jr. received 19 votes as John Bell.
[6]John Bell, Jr. received 125 votes as John Bell.
[7]John Bell, Jr. received 37 votes as John Bell.


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