Vermont 1808 Council

Governor's Council (State)
Vermont 1808 Council
First Ballot
Governor's Council/Councillor
Elias Keyes, Daniel Chipman, Chauncy Langdon, Asa Lyon, Solomon Miller, Jedediah P. Buckingham, Samuel Fletcher, Reuben Hatch, Zirah Willoughby, Noah Chittenden, Daniel Dana, John Elsworth, Nathaniel Niles, Beriah Loomis, Samuel C. Crafts, Ezra Butler, Ebenezer Wheelock, Samuel Shepherdson, Asaph Fletcher, Moses Robinson, Jr., Josiah Wright, Samuel Shaw, Elijah Knight
Candidates: Elias Keyes[1]Daniel Chipman[2]Chauncy Langdon[3]Asa Lyon[4]Solomon Miller[5]Jedediah P. Buckingham[6]Samuel Fletcher[7]Reuben Hatch[8]Zirah Willoughby[9]Noah Chittenden[10]Daniel Dana[11]John Elsworth[12]Nathaniel NilesBeriah LoomisSamuel C. CraftsEzra ButlerEbenezer WheelockSamuel ShepherdsonAsaph FletcherMoses Robinson, Jr.Josiah WrightSamuel ShawElijah Knight
Final Result: [13][14][15][16][17][18]-11895118831185311819117831178311756117461168111664116371146711461113941136711354111991116111150111091105711026
Addison County-----------------------
Bennington County-----------------------
Caledonia County-----------------------
Chittenden County-----------------------
Essex County-----------------------
Franklin County-----------------------
Orange County-----------------------
Orleans County-----------------------
Rutland County-----------------------
Windham County-----------------------
Windsor County-----------------------


[13]Elias Keyes's vote total is listed as "the amount of both tickets." Middlebury Mercury (Middlebury, VT), November 16, 1808.
[14]The World, October 31, lists 11611 votes for Noah Chittenden.
[15]The St. Albans Adviser (Saint Albans, VT), October 20, lists 11786 votes for Samuel Fletcher.
[16]The North Star (Danville, VT), October 27, lists 11157 total votes for Samuel Shaw and 11387 for Ezra Butler.
[17]The Rutland Vermont Herald (Rutland, VT), October 29, lists 11664 total votes for John Elsworth, 11561 for Beriah Loomis, and 11467 for Ezra Butler.
[18]"The federalists have consoled themselves since the election by making each other believe that Moses Robinson, jun. would have been elected Councillor, if Jun. had not been omitted in 400 of his ballots. From the foregoing list it appears he required 532 more votes to exclude Noah Chittenden from his seat, and 488 more to gain an election. We venture to say Moses Robinson jun. would not have been elected if he had all his father's votes added to his own--We have seen no evidence that there were any such scattering votes, and take the liberty to disbelieve the story about the fatal Junior." The World (Bennington, VT). October 31, 1808.


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