New York 1809 Assembly, Dutchess County

Assembly (State)
New York 1809 Assembly, Dutchess County
New York
First Ballot
David Brooks, Alexander Neely, Isaac Van Wyck, Koert Dubois, Ebenezer Haight, Lemuel Clift, Thomas Tillotson, Isaiah Dibble, Stephen Barnum, John D. Ostrom, Jacobus J. Swartwout, William Akin, Cyrus Crosby, Jacob R. Van Rensselaer, Benjamin H. Akin, Stephen Akin, Samuel A. Barker, William Barnum, Jacob Buyer, George Casey, Childs, Alexander Clift, Nathan Fuller, Tom Gritman, Robert Haight, Samuel Haight, James Oliver, Henry Ostrom, Stephen Ostrom, Theron Rudd, Isaac Smith, William J. Swartwout, Alfred Tuesday, Oliver Yale
Candidates: David Brooks[1]Alexander Neely[2]Isaac Van Wyck[3]Koert Dubois[4]Ebenezer Haight[5]Lemuel Clift[6]Thomas TillotsonIsaiah DibbleStephen BarnumJohn D. OstromJacobus J. SwartwoutWilliam AkinCyrus CrosbyJacob R. Van RensselaerBenjamin H. AkinStephen AkinSamuel A. BarkerWilliam BarnumJacob BuyerGeorge CaseyChilds[7]Alexander CliftNathan FullerTom GritmanRobert HaightSamuel HaightJames OliverHenry OstromStephen OstromTheron RuddIsaac SmithWilliam J. SwartwoutAlfred TuesdayOliver Yale
Final Result: [8][9]2839280227992794279027772445243524302427240923186311111111111111111111
Dutchess County2839280227992794279027772445243524302427240923186311111111111111111111
Town of Amenia[10]160158160158158158129127129127128102-1--------------1-----
Town of Beekman[11]373372372372379373545657575747------------1---------
Town of Carmel[12][13][14]363636363634210212214212210213----------1-----------
Town of Clinton349348346348348343179179180170175178----------------------
Town of Dover167163161160160161575555555324-1----------------1-1-
Town of Fishkill302302303301301301409410411410401403----------------------
Town of Frederick232323232323929292929289----------------------
Town of Northeast[15][16][17]141140139139138139169173168171171170---------------1---1--
Town of Patterson[18]949091878987333639363530---------------------1
Town of Pawlings726565655762444747464547--1----------1--------
Town of Phillips[19][20]777377727474170169171172171169---1-1----------------
Town of Poughkeepsie[21][22][23]323320320320320320249246247247246241----1-1111-1-----1----
Town of Rhinebeck375367362370366358246229225230225224----------------------
Town of Southeast858283818282170170170170169165----------------------
Town of Stanford114116116116116116123123121122123112-1------------1-------
Town of Washington[24]1481471451461431461101111041101081046---------------------


[7]Listed in the Original Election Books as Dr. Childs.
[8]The Gazette (Troy) refers to the Federalists as the Whig Ticket and the Republicans as the Tory ticket.
[9]Jacob R. Van Rensselaer was a candidate for State Senate.
[10]Jacobus J. Swartwout received 1 vote as Jacobus Swartwout.
[11]Jacobus J. Swartwout received 4 votes as Jacobus Swartwout and 1 vote as Jacob J. Swartwout.
[12]David Brooks received 1 vote as Dav'd Brooks and 1 vote as Daniel Brooks.
[13]Jacobus J. Swartwout received 7 votes as Jacobus Swartwout.
[14]William Akin received 11 votes as Wm. Akin.
[15]Lemuel Clift received 1 vote as Samuel Clift.
[16]John D. Ostrom received 1 vote as John J. Ostrom.
[17]Jacobus J. Swartwout received 1 vote as Jacobus Swartwout, 1 vote as Jacob Swartwout and 1 vote as Jacob D. Swartwout.
[18]Isaiah Dibble received 1 vote as Josiah Dibble.
[19]Isaiah Dibble received 8 votes as Josiah Dibble.
[20]Jacobus J. Swartwout received 1 vote as Jacobus Swartwout.
[21]Thomas Tillotson received 1 vote as Dr. Tillitson.
[22]Jacobus J. Swartwout received 1 vote as Jacobus Swartwout.
[23]William Akin received 1 vote as William J. Akin.
[24]Koert Dubois received 2 votes as Kobert Dubois.


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Poughkeepsie Journal, and Constitutional Republican (Poughkeepsie, NY). May 10, 1809.
American Citizen (New York, NY). May 15, 1809.
Republican Watch-Tower (New York, NY). May 16, 1809.
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