Connecticut 1802 Council of Assistants, Nomination

Council of Assistants (State)
Connecticut 1802 Council of Assistants, Nomination
First Ballot
Council of Assistants/Councillor
Oliver Ellsworth, Nathaniel Smith, David Daggett, Chauncey Goodrich, William Hillhouse, Thomas Seymour, William Edmond, Jonathan Brace, Aaron Austin, Joseph P. Cook, John Chester, Elizur Goodrich, John Allen, Roger Newberry, Stephen T. Hosmer, Simeon Baldwin, Mathew Griswold, Shubael Abbe, Elisha Whittlesey, Jonathan Barns, Ephraim Kirby, Elisha Hyde, Ebenezer Devotion, Samuel W. Johnson, Marvin Wait, Amos Palmer, Rufus Hitchcock, Jabez Fitch, John Welch, Walter Bradley, Timothey Skinner, John T. Peters, Daniel Tilden, Samuel Whittlesey, Elijah Munson, Joshua Stow, Isaac Spencer, 2nd, Ebenezer Barnard, William Hart
Candidates: Oliver Ellsworth[1]Nathaniel Smith[2]David Daggett[3]Chauncey Goodrich[4]William Hillhouse[5]Thomas Seymour[6]William Edmond[7]Jonathan Brace[8]Aaron Austin[9]Joseph P. Cook[10]John Chester[11]Elizur Goodrich[12]John Allen[13]Roger Newberry[14]Stephen T. Hosmer[15]Simeon Baldwin[16]Mathew Griswold[17]Shubael Abbe[18]Elisha Whittlesey[19]Jonathan Barns[20]Ephraim KirbyElisha HydeEbenezer DevotionSamuel W. JohnsonMarvin WaitAmos PalmerRufus HitchcockJabez FitchJohn WelchWalter BradleyTimothey SkinnerJohn T. PetersDaniel TildenSamuel WhittleseyElijah MunsonJoshua StowIsaac Spencer, 2ndEbenezer BarnardWilliam Hart
Final Result: [21][22][23][24][25][26][27]825881698143806780468023792478997848781477917780776876387632747473565826556749534680448744564456439643534274424941264089407039933928392639253885384137883757
Fairfield County---------------------------------------
Hartford County---------------------------------------
Litchfield County---------------------------------------
Middlesex County---------------------------------------
New Haven County---------------------------------------
Town of Stonington16016016016016016016016016016016016016016016016016016016016040404040404040404040404040404040404040
New London County---------------------------------------
Town of Stonington2525252525252525252525252525252525252525110110110110110110110110110110110110110110110110110110110
Tolland County---------------------------------------
Windham County---------------------------------------


[21]The American Mercury (Hartford, CT) lists 7929 votes for William Edmond, 7520 votes for Shubael Abbe, 7424 votes for Simeon Baldwin, 7168 votes for John Allen and 4279 votes for Rufus Hitchcock.
[22]The Connecticut Courant (Hartford, CT) lists 8248 votes for Oliver Ellsworth, 5820 votes for Shubael Abbe, 4029 votes for Walter Bradley, 3943 votes for John T. Peters and 3881 votes for Joshua Stow.
[23]The Connecticut Gazette, and the Commercial Intelligencer (New London, CT) lists 7944 votes for William Edmond, 7648 votes for Roger Newberry, 5820 votes for Shubael Abbe, 4489 votes for Elisha Hyde, 4116 for votes John Welch, 3943 votes for John T. Peters and 3789 for votes Ebenezer Barnard.
[24]The Windham Herald (Windham, CT) lists 7944 votes for William Edmond, 7648 votes for Roger Newberry, 5820 votes for Shubael Abbe, 4489 votes for Elisha Hyde and 3943 votes for John T. Peters.
[25]Connecticut Centinel (Norwich, CT) lists 5820 votes for Shubael Abbe.
[26]The Connecticut Journal (New Haven, CT) lists Oliver Ellsworth with 8248 votes.
[27]"From the foregoing statement it appears that the Republicans have gained since the last year, the average number of 800 votes, which is an increase of near one fourth. The embarrassment produced by the late election Law upon the freedom of suffrage, has probably suppressed Republican votes equal to one fourth part of the number given in October last." American Mercury (Hartford, CT). October 28, 1802.


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