Illinois 1824 Electoral College, District 1

Electoral College (Federal)
Illinois 1824 Electoral College, District 1
First Ballot
Electoral College/Elector
William Harrison, James Turney, John Todd, Jonathan Berry, John W. Scott, Samuel Allen
Electors: William Harrison[1]James TurneyJohn ToddJonathan BerryJohn W. ScottSamuel Allen
Presidential Candidate:John Quincy AdamsWilliam H. CrawfordHenry ClayAndrew JacksonAndrew Jackson
Final Result: [2]106362934358511
District of One106362934358511
Bond County[3]751361310-
Fayette County386512---
Fulton County274471-
Greene County8521481--
Madison County2431984915-
Town of Alton60253---
Town of Edwardsville11311723---
Town of Silver Creek20283---
Town of Unionville351914---
Montgomery County21-117--
Morgan County862111312-
Pike County1931--6-
Sangamon County12591232017-
Town of Richland33126-17-
Town of Springfield6888320--
Town of Union24-14---
Saint Clair County1701041196-1


[2]"It is too late for Mr. Turney to come forward with a public declaration, that he would have voted for Gen. Jackson if he had chosen an elector. That he was brought out by the caucus mangers for the purpose of voting for Mr. Crawford, is well known here." Edwardsville Spectator (Edwardsville, IL). January 11, 1825.
[3]There was one vote in Bond County for "Adams".


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