New York 1808 Assembly, New York County

Assembly (State)
New York 1808 Assembly, New York County
New York
First Ballot
James Fairlie, Solomon Townsend, Thomas Farmar, Joseph Constant, Nathan Sanford, Arthur Smith, Caleb Pell, Frederick Jenkins, John P. Anthony, Francis Cooper, Beekman M. Van Beuren, Egbert Benson, Nicholas Fish, Thomas Carpenter, Benjamin Strong, Robert Bogardus, George Ireland, James Roosevelt, Alexander Campbell, Peter A. Jay, Robert Morris, Jr., James Palmer
Candidates: James Fairlie[1]Solomon Townsend[2]Thomas Farmar[3]Joseph Constant[4]Nathan Sanford[5]Arthur Smith[6]Caleb Pell[7]Frederick Jenkins[8]John P. Anthony[9]Francis Cooper[10]Beekman M. Van Beuren[11]Egbert BensonNicholas FishThomas CarpenterBenjamin StrongRobert BogardusGeorge IrelandJames RooseveltAlexander CampbellPeter A. JayRobert Morris, Jr.James Palmer
Final Result: [12][13][14]5635562956155600559955975594559355825580555745214519451245064501449444944486448644834471
New York County5635562956155600559955975594559355825580555745214519451245064501449444944486448644834471
City of New York5635562956155600559955975594559355825580555745214519451245064501449444944486448644834471
Ward One[15]347341343340341334331334333330319585584582585582577582581577580570
Ward Two388388383381384385381383381381380565568570567563561567561563564562
Ward Three442440438436434432430434432423429462461456455455452454449455446444
Ward Four[16][17]630630631629627624629626625626623567567566564568564563563564561563
Ward Five[18]10401039103510271030103410381030102910341026641635636635635638628634631632634
Ward Six703706705704703705704704702703705372372371372370372371371370370371
Ward Seven[19]855857855856854856855855854855855452452452452450453451451451452451
Ward Eight511510508509509509509509508510507341342343340342342341340340341341
Ward Nine[20]135134133135133134133134134135131123124123122122122124122122123122
Ward Ten584584584583584584584584584583582413414413414414413413414413414413


[12]The Public Advertiser lists Thomas Farmar as Thomas Farmer.
[13]All sources report 5594 votes for Joseph Constant; however, the sum of the ward totals is 5600.
[14]The Public Advertiser (New York, NY) reports 5512 votes for Thomas Carpenter; however, the sum of totals per ward is 4512.
[15]The Public Advertiser (New York, NY) reports 340 votes for Francis Cooper, 685 votes for Benjamin Strong, 481 votes for Alexander Campbell, and 580 votes for Thomas Carpenter in Ward 1.
[16]The New-York Evening Post (New York, NY) reports 560 votes for James Roosevelt in Ward 4.
[17]The Public Advertiser (New York, NY) reports 565 votes for George Ireland, 668 votes for Robert Bogardus in Ward 4.
[18]The Public Advertiser (New York, NY) reports 638 votes for Thomas Carpenter in Ward 5.
[19]The Public Advertiser (New York, NY) reports 462 votes for Benjamin Strong in Ward 7.
[20]The Public Advertiser (New York, NY) reports 124 votes for Benjamin Strong in Ward 9.


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