Massachusetts 1804 U.S. House of Representatives, Lincoln District

U.S. House of Representatives (Federal)
U.S. Congressman
Massachusetts 1804 U.S. House of Representatives, Lincoln District
First Ballot
U.S. House of Representatives/U.S. Congressman
Orchard Cook, Samuel Thacher, Peleg Tallman, William King
Candidates: Orchard Cook[1]Samuel ThacherPeleg TallmanWilliam King
Final Result: [2][3][4]12481038121
District of Lincoln12481038121
Hancock County18553--
Town of Belfast2437--
Town of Deer Isle[5]----
Town of Lincolnvil604--
Town of Northport175--
Town of Prospect447--
Town of Vinalhaven40---
Lincoln County1063985121
Ballstown Plantation9020--
Town of Bath2344--
Town of Boothbay-45--
Town of Bowdoin-42--
Town of Bowdoinham2915--
Town of Bristol8960--
Town of Cambden4146--
Town of Cushing284--
Davistown Plantation1013--
Town of Dresden5043--
Town of Edgecomb3220--
Town of Georgetown2950--
Town of Hope1516--
Town of Lewiston-81--
Town of Lisbon-48--
Town of Litchfield519-1
Littleriver Plantation1412--
Medencook Plantation151--
Town of New Castle5935--
Town of New Milford912--
Town of Nobleborough766--
Town of Saint George611--
Town of Thomastown4727--
Town of Topsham1555--
Town of Union4522--
Town of Waldoborough3660--
Wales Plantation184--
Town of Warren2865--
Town of Wiscasset7170--
Town of Woolwich64712-
Plantation G. Pond4912--


[2]The Eastern Argus (Portland, ME) and The Eastern Herald and Maine Gazette (Portland, ME) use the spelling Thatcher for Samuel Thacher.
[3]"TO THE EDITOR: 'Brunswick, Nov. 7--SIR--I congratulate you, and all the friends of Liberty, on the increase of Republican Votes in this vicinity. In this town, the Feds lost 42, and the Republicans gained 9. In Durham, the Feds lost about 40, and we gained 30. In Topsham, the Feds lost 50, and we gained 12. In Freeport, a great increase of ReVotes--likewise in Bowdoinham, Bowdoin, etc.'" Eastern Argus (Portland, ME). November 8, 1804.
[4]"The election of Mr. COOK, (observes a Correspondent) gives some encouragement that the District of Maine is not much longer to be the theatre of the chicanery of a set of men who would arrogantly assume to themselves all the talents, if they cannot make the people believe they possess all the honesty and rectitude in the country. Lawyer influence ought to be kept within proper bounds--when men lay claim to exclusive importance, they ought to be well watched; indiscriminate censure ought not to be indulged, but we can see, if we look around us, too many forward assuming men who would impose their garrulity as a sample of their patriotism--impudence and loquacity will not pass so current with our honest Yeomanry, as some may imagine; boisterous speeches are no evidence of love of country, nor proof of solid merit." Eastern Argus (Portland, ME). November 30, 1804.
[5]There were no votes recorded in Deer Isle.


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