New Hampshire 1816 House of Representatives, Portsmouth

House of Representatives (State)
State Representative
New Hampshire 1816 House of Representatives, Portsmouth
New Hampshire
First Ballot
House of Representatives/State Representative
John Davenport, George W. Prescott, Joseph Y. Burgin, Nathaniel S. Peirce, Joseph Bartlett, Joseph W. Pickering, Isaac Waldron, Jr., Samuel Larkin, Edward Cutts, Jr., John Haven, John F. Parrott, George K. Sparhawk, Henking Penhallow, George Long, scattering
Candidates: John Davenport[1]George W. PrescottJoseph Y. BurginNathaniel S. PeirceJoseph BartlettJoseph W. PickeringIsaac Waldron, Jr.Samuel LarkinEdward Cutts, Jr.John HavenJohn F. ParrottGeorge K. SparhawkHenking PenhallowGeorge Longscattering
Final Result: [2][3]66536035835734233733533232932431831831530537
Rockingham County---------------
Town of Portsmouth66536035835734233733533232932431831831530537


[2]"On Tuesday last was the Annual General Election in this State. Some of the leading democratic citizens of this town who were opposed to the law passed for the exclusive erection of brick buildings had been for several weeks engaged in preparing the minds of their followers for a change in the representation, the old representatives having advocated the brick law. A public caucus was held on Tuesday evening last week, and a new list agreed on of those favorable to the building of wood; they dominated their former leaders Aristocrats, and charged them with despotic views. The brick party fearful of their strength, and dreading a total defeat by their ci-devant friends, erased from their list the names of JOSEPH ELA and DANIEL AUSTIN, and adopted two of the wood party, one of whom declined being run on the wood list; the other was placed on both tickets. A second caucus was afterwards held by the wood party, and their list completed - Three tickets were consequently run: the federal ticket, and the brick and wood tickets." The Portsmouth Oracle (Portsmouth, NH). March 16, 1816.
[3]"The democrats . . . united in support of County officers, and one Representative, but for four other Representatives were divided between Brickites and Woodites. At the first ballot therefore John Davenport only was chosen Representative." Boston Daily Advertiser (Boston, MA). March 14, 1816.


Boston Daily Advertiser (Boston, MA). March 14, 1816.
The Portsmouth Oracle (Portsmouth, NH). March 16, 1816.

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