Vermont 1808 U.S. House of Representatives, Southeast District

U.S. House of Representatives (Federal)
U.S. Congressman
Vermont 1808 U.S. House of Representatives, Southeast District
First Ballot
U.S. House of Representatives/U.S. Congressman
Jonathan H. Hubbard, Aaron Leland, William C. Bradley, Elias Keyes, William C. Chamberlain, Israel Smith, Reuben Hatch, William Hubbard, William Hunter, Isaac Tichenor, Lewis R. Morris, James Elliot, Paul Brigham, Alexander Campbell, Jabez Foster, William Hall, Jr., Lot Hall, Elihu Luce, Charles Marsh, Jacob Smith, Pascal P. Enos, Arad Hunt, Lemuel Whitney, S. R. Bradley, Darius Bullock, Benjamin Clapp, John Davis, Jason Duncan, Enoch Emerson, Thomas Freeman, Jarius Hall, Ephraim Kenney, Jr., Elijah Knight, David Leavitt, Timothy Mather, John Noyes, Stephen Otis, James Parker, James Roberts, Eben Sharhawk, Alden Spooner, Benjamin Swan, Phineas White, John Whiting, scattering
Candidates: Jonathan H. Hubbard[1]Aaron LelandWilliam C. BradleyElias KeyesWilliam C. ChamberlainIsrael SmithReuben HatchWilliam HubbardWilliam HunterIsaac TichenorLewis R. MorrisJames ElliotPaul BrighamAlexander CampbellJabez FosterWilliam Hall, Jr.Lot HallElihu LuceCharles MarshJacob SmithPascal P. EnosArad HuntLemuel WhitneyS. R. BradleyDarius BullockBenjamin ClappJohn DavisJason DuncanEnoch EmersonThomas FreemanJarius HallEphraim Kenney, Jr.Elijah KnightDavid LeavittTimothy MatherJohn NoyesStephen OtisJames ParkerJames RobertsEben SharhawkAlden SpoonerBenjamin SwanPhineas WhiteJohn Whitingscattering
Final Result: [2][3][4]354528271130-----------------------------------------158
District of Southeast354528271130-----------------------------------------158
Windham County---------------------------------------------
Town of Acton---------------------------------------------
Town of Athens---------------------------------------------
Town of Brattleborough294167-------------------2------------1----1----
Town of Brookline---------------------------------------------
Town of Dummerston205315-1----------------------1-----------------
Town of Grafton87699------------------------------------------
Town of Guilford[5]---------------------------------------------
Town of Halifax[6]1071114---------1-----------1-----------1--------
Town of Jamaica[7]1111---------5---------------------------------
Town of Londonderry48-45------------------------------------------
Town of Marlboro115933-------------------------------1----------
Town of Newfane158-12------------------------------------------
Town of Putney[8][9]205343------1-----------------------1--------1--
Town of Rockingham1274142----------4-4-----------------------------
Town of Somerset[10]-85----8-------------------------------------
Town of Stratton[11]38--------------------------------------------
Town of Townshend[12][13]170-30------------------------------------------
Town of Vernon[14]72-16-1----------------2-----------------------
Town of Wardsboro198274------------------------------------------
Town of Westminster[15]1551112-12---1--1---2--------------1-------------
Town of Whitingham101-80--1---1----4-----------------------1------
Town of Wilmington155-20---------1---1-------------1--------------
Town of Windham---------------------------------------------
Windsor County---------------------------------------------
Town of Andover887101----3------------------------------------
Town of Baltimore-15-------------------------------------------
Town of Barnard50166---2------1-----1------1---1---------------
Town of Bethel23901----------------1-------------------------
Town of Bridgewater---------------------------------------------
Town of Cavendish711413--3--1------------------------------------
Town of Chester---------------------------------------------
Town of Hartford106121--14----3-----------------------------------
Town of Hartland1820535--------------3-----------------------1---
Town of Ludlow---------------------------------------------
Town of Norwich---------------------------------------------
Town of Plymouth---------------------------------------------
Town of Pomfret12172-------------------------------------------
Town of Reading13178------3------------------------------------
Town of Rochester2476---1----------------------1----------1-----
Town of Royalton13992--21---1--------22-----------------------1-
Town of Sharon6882----10--1---------------------------1-------
Town of Springfield1154860--1----7------------1--1-----1------------
Town of Stockbridge154-24-----------------------------------------
Town of Weathersfield---------------------------------------------
Town of Weston---------------------------------------------
Town of Windsor1052495--1--1-----------1------------------------
Town of Woodstock3826511-----------------------------------------


[2]Vermont law required a majority to elect for the U.S. House of Representatives. A second ballot would be held on December 13, 1808.
[3]The Reporter, October 22, notes "We understand Mr. Hubbard lost nearly as many votes, as they have in majority over him, by the omition [sic] of the H. for his middle name. Now fellow citizens we must take another pull for member to Congress, when we will not only take care to add the H. but will also add the Initial E. at the end."
[4]The Aurora, November 9, the True American (Trenton, NJ), and the Boston Courier (Boston, MA), November 10, list 3550 total votes for Jonathan H. Hubbard, 2912 for Aaron Leland, and 1156 for William C. Bradley.
[5]The Reporter, September 10, notes that votes in Guilford were "not yet counted--illegal supposed."
[6]The Reporter, September 10, lists no votes for Aaron Leland in Halifax.
[7]The Reporter, September 10, lists no votes for Aaron Leland in Jamaica.
[8]In Putney, 6 votes for William R. Bradley have here been credited to William C. Bradley.
[9]The Reporter, September 10, lists 185 votes for Jonathan H. Hubbard, none for Aaron Leland, and 41 for William C. Bradley in Putney.
[10]In Stratton, 5 votes for William Bradley have here been credited to William C. Bradley.
[11]The Reporter, September 10, lists 40 votes for Jonathan H. Hubbard in Stratton.
[12]In Townshend, 6 votes for William Bradley have here been credited to William C. Bradley.
[13]The Reporter, September 10, lists 174 votes for Jonathan H. Hubbard in Townshend.
[14]The Reporter, September 10, lists 75 votes for Jonathan H. Hubbard and none William C. Bradley in Vernon.
[15]The Reporter, September 10, lists no votes for Aaron Leland in Westminster.


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