Illinois 1822 U.S. House of Representatives

U.S. House of Representatives (Federal)
U.S. Congressman
Illinois 1822 U.S. House of Representatives
First Ballot
U.S. House of Representatives/U.S. Congressman
Daniel P. Cook, John MacLean, Elias K. Kane
Candidates: Daniel P. Cook[1]John MacLeanElias K. Kane
Final Result: 476538013
Alexander County17105-
Bond County25057-
Town of Greenville21853-
Town of McCord324-
Clark County[2]6611-
Town of Achilles201-
Town of Aurora4610-
Crawford County109161-
Town of Palestine71153-
Town of Union388-
Edwards County146299-
Town of Albion55192-
Fayette County17559-
Town of Vandalia12747-
Franklin County90153-
Gallatin County113447-
Town of Monroe1063-
Town of Rock and Cave-51-
Town of Saline2259-
Town of Shawnee81274-
Greene County344156-
Town of Apple Creek[3]8812-
Town of Carrollton17328-
Town of Otter Creek628-
Hamilton County25206-
Town of Henry1129-
Town of Mayberry342-
Jackson County123106-
Jefferson County8985-
Johnson County8859-
Lawrence County148140-
Madison County4512602
Town of Alton5568-
Town of Edwardsville296107-
Town of Silver Creek7614-
Town of Six Mile2471-
Monroe County19288-
Montgomery County8527-
Pike County1616-
Pope County171212-
Randolph County209311-
Town of Courthouse141204-
Town of Prairie du Rocher3330-
Town of Union3577-
Saint Clair County518160-
Town of Athens4215-
Town of Belleville27079-
Town of Cahokia13012-
Town of Lebanon7654-
Sangamon County382130-
Town of Richland10424-
Town of Springfield9576-
Town of Union658-
Union County237156-
Washington County202551
Wayne County99108-
Town of Fairfield78101-
Town of Ramsey217-
White County275244-
Town of Carmi79151-
Town of Fox River8224-
Town of Mantua8319-
Town of Prairie3150-


[2]The returns from Union and Wayne townships were rejected for informality.
[3]Election held at "Zechariah Allen's."
[4]Precinct elections held at houses of William Henry and Frederick Mayberry.
[5]Name of precinct not given.


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