New York 1810 Assembly, Sullivan and Ulster Counties

Assembly (State)
New York 1810 Assembly, Sullivan and Ulster Counties
New York
First Ballot
John Lounsbery, Nehemiah L. Smith, John Conklin, Samuel Hawkins, Abraham T. E. DeWitt, John Sudam, Thaddeus Hait, Charles Baker
Candidates: John Lounsbery[1]Nehemiah L. Smith[2]John Conklin[3]Samuel Hawkins[4]Abraham T. E. DeWittJohn SudamThaddeus HaitCharles Baker
Final Result: [5][6][7]20982082205920381671166816531642
District of Sullivan and Ulster20982082205920381671166816531642
Sullivan County456453431440235241231236
Town of Bethel5454545313131313
Town of Liberty3333283018181717
Town of Lumberland1616161615151515
Town of Mamakating15215215314754575457
Town of Neversink6460466070726769
Town of Rockland404036388888
Town of Thompson9798989657585757
Ulster County16421629162815981436142714221406
Town of Hurley6365656575747575
Town of Kingston310306304306417415415415
Town of Marbletown192177176169276269267267
Town of Marlborough15715715715542424140
Town of New Paltz246246246238116117114111
Town of Plattekill9696959389929387
Town of Rochester75757375184181181181
Town of Shandaken5969696041394141
Town of Shawangunk27027027126510110010094
Town of Warwarsink11811311711742444141
Town of Woodstock5655555553545454


[5]The American Citizen (New York, NY) and The Columbian (New York, NY) list John Sudam as John Suydam.
[6]The American Citizen (New York, NY), The Columbian (New York, NY) and the Plebeian (Kingston, NY) list John Conklin as John Concklin.
[7]Plebeian (Kingston, NY) of May 8, the Columbian (New York of May 11 and the American Citizen (New York, NY) of May 14 all list Nehemiah L. Smith with 2066 total votes, John Conklin with 2049 total votes, Thaddeus Hait with 1643 total votes. Charles Baker is listed with 1338 total votes in the Plebeian (Kingston, NY) of May 8 and 163 (which appears to be at least in part a printing error) total votes in The Columbian (New York, NY) and the American Citizen (New York, NY) of May 14. However, the sums of numbers for all towns as listed in these newspapers for these candidates respectively are 2082, 2059, 1653 and 1642.


Plebeian (Kingston, NY). May 8, 1810.
The Columbian (New York, NY). May 11, 1810.
American Citizen (New York, NY). May 14, 1810.

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