New York 1809 Assembly, Otsego County

Assembly (State)
New York 1809 Assembly, Otsego County
New York
First Ballot
Abel DeForest, Erastus Crafts, Joseph Bowne, Benjamin Gilbert, Elijah H. Metcalf, Robert Roseboom, Gurdon Huntington, Martin Luce
Candidates: Abel DeForest[1]Erastus Crafts[2]Joseph Bowne[3]Benjamin Gilbert[4]Elijah H. MetcalfRobert RoseboomGurdon HuntingtonMartin Luce
Final Result: [5][6]24432441243924322292229122882276
Otsego County24432441243924322292229122882276
Town of Burlington138138136137160160160160
Town of Butternuts175174176173145146145144
Town of Cherry Valley205206205206146145145144
Town of Decatur5959575763616161
Town of Edmeston3939394083838283
Town of Exeter9089898997969695
Town of Hartwick119118119118190190188190
Town of Maryland4949494959595959
Town of Middlefield24924925025066666766
Town of Milford104104104104126126126125
Town of New Lisbon86858886109110110110
Town of Otego148150147146121122121120
Town of Otsego324323325322209208208206
Town of Pittsfield20202121100100100100
Town of Plainfield[7]16716716716694949492
Town of Richfield112112104111156156155152
Town of Springfield20720921020653515351
Town of Unadilla76747776130131131131
Town of Westford[8]4949494891939393
Town of Worcester2727272794949494


[5]The Otsego Herald (Cooperstown, NY) and The Impartial Observer (Cooperstown, NY) report 2365 votes for Joseph Bowne; however the sum of totals per town is 2366. They report that 49 votes were cast in Westford for Jacob Bowne and 24 votes were cast in Plainfield for William Bowne.
[6]"FEDERALISM TRIUMPHANT! It is with sensations of indiscribable pleasure that I find myself enabled to announce the complete triumph of FEDERAL REPUBLICANISM in the COUNTY OF OTSEGO. This County has returned to her first love--by the laudable exertions of the friends of COMMERCE, FREE TRADE, and VIRTUOUS LIBERTY, the County of Otsego has ascended the mount of FEDERALISM and now stands an unappalled centinel to guard the citadel of every real AMERICAN'S hopes, our glorious Constitution, from the despoiling touch of Jacobinism. On this occasion, I cannot but congratulate my fellow-citizens in every part of the Union--Truth has triumphed over fraud, bribery and corruption--the sons of Freedom have burst asunder their chains, and the result is glorious to the lovers of AMERICAN INDEPENDENCE. THE FEDERAL REPUBLICAN TICKET for Members of Assembly, composed of ABEL DEFOREST, BENJAMIN GILBERT, JOSEPH BOWNE, and ERASTUS CRAFTS, are elected by a majority of between 150 and 200 votes. I hope next week to be able to give my readers the official returns." The Impartial Observer (Cooperstown, NY). April 29, 1809. This paragraph is also reprinted in the Troy Gazette (Troy, NY), dated May 9, 1809 as coming from the Impartial Observer, April 29, 1809.
[7]The Otsego Herald (Cooperstown, NY) and The Impartial Observer (Cooperstown, NY) report that there were 24 votes cast for William Bowne in Plainfield. These votes have been added to the total for Joseph Bowne.
[8]The Otsego Herald (Cooperstown, NY) and The Impartial Observer (Cooperstown, NY) report that there were 49 votes cast for Jacob Bowne in Westford. These votes have been added to the total for Joseph Bowne.


The Impartial Observer (Cooperstown, NY). May 6, 1809.
Otsego Herald (Cooperstown, NY). May 13, 1809.

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