New Hampshire 1810 U.S. Senate, Special

U.S. Senate (Federal)
U.S. Senator
New Hampshire 1810 U.S. Senate, Special
New Hampshire
First Ballot
U.S. Senate/U.S. Senator
Charles Cutts, Thomas W. Thompson, Jedediah K. Smith, Oliver Peabody, Isaac Hill, nay
Candidates: Charles Cutts[1]Thomas W. ThompsonJedediah K. SmithOliver PeabodyIsaac Hillnay
Final Result: [2][3]99734215
House of Representatives9273421-
House of Representatives[4]7----5


[2]Election to fill the seat of Nahum Parker, resigned.
[3]"Our worthy friend Hill, is wrong for thinking that the one vote given for himself was meant a slur upon his character. No person, who is acquainted with him, or his paper, can for a moment doubt his eminent qualifications for a place in the SENATE OF THE UNITED STATES. But unfortunately, for himself as well as his fellow citizens, he will not be eligible to a seat in that body before he is thirty years of age, unless an alteration of the Constitution can be effected." Concord Gazette (Concord, NH). June 26, 1810. Isaac Hill, the publisher of The New-Hampshire Patriot (Concord, NH) was 21 years old at the time. Hill would go on to be elected U.S. Senator in 1831 and Governor of New Hampshire in 1836.
[4]"[The Senate] also concurred in the choice of Mr. Cutts, Yeas 7, Nays 5." Concord Gazette (Concord, NH). June 26, 1810.


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