New Hampshire 1823 Governor's Council, Rockingham County

Governor's Council (State)
Governor's Councillor
New Hampshire 1823 Governor's Council, Rockingham County
New Hampshire
First Ballot
Governor's Council/Governor's Councillor
Hunking Penhallow, Oliver Peabody, Josiah Butler, Nathaniel A. Havin, Levi Woodbury, Ira Blake, Jacob Blanchard, Benjamin Butler, John Folsom, Nathaniel Gilman, James Ham, Gilman Leavitt, Jr., Mark W. Pierce, Ebenezer Wentworth
Candidates: Hunking Penhallow[1]Oliver PeabodyJosiah ButlerNathaniel A. HavinLevi WoodburyIra BlakeJacob BlanchardBenjamin ButlerJohn FolsomNathaniel GilmanJames HamGilman Leavitt, Jr.Mark W. PierceEbenezer Wentworth
Final Result: 722638222111111111
Rockingham County722638222111111111
Town of Allenstown75-------------
Town of Atkinson86-------------
Town of Bow158-------------
Town of Brentwood7838------------
Town of Candia218-------------
Town of Canterbury179-----1-------
Town of Chester218-------------
Town of Chichester158-------------
Town of Concord479-------------
Town of Deerfield296-------------
Town of East Kingston75-------------
Town of Epping158-------------
Town of Epsom[2]219-------------
Town of Exeter231-21----------
Town of Greenland103-------------
Town of Hampstead76-------------
Town of Hampton96-------------
Town of Hampton Falls79-------------
Town of Hawke65-------------
Town of Kensington83----1--------
Town of Kingston72-------------
Town of Londonderry303-------------
Town of Loudon225-------------
Town of New Castle75-------------
Town of Newington92-------------
Town of Newmarket179-------------
Town of Newton58-------------
Town of North Hampton122-------------
Town of Northfield187-------------
Town of Northwood184-------------
Town of Nottingham145------1-1----
Town of Pelham80-------------
Town of Pembroke211-------------
Town of Pittsfield201-------------
Town of Plaistow73-------------
Town of Poplin65-------------
Town of Portsmouth905--12-----1111
Town of Raymond145-------------
Town of Rye186-------------
Town of Salem154-------------
Town of Sandown63-------------
Town of Seabrook83-------------
Town of South Hampton69-------------
Town of Stratham124-------------
Town of Windham95-------1-----


[2]"The votes from Epsom, 219 for Mr. P. rejected on account of informality." Farmer's Cabinet (Amherst, NH). June 14, 1823.


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