New York 1804 U.S. House of Representatives, District 14

U.S. House of Representatives (Federal)
U.S. Congressman
New York 1804 U.S. House of Representatives, District 14
New York
First Ballot
U.S. House of Representatives/U.S. Congressman
John Russell, Benjamin Gilbert, Solomon Martin, Erastus Root, Thomas R. Gold, Stephen Reed, John Russell, Jr., Peter Combs, Joshua O. Donald, George Grennell, Roswell Hotchkiss, Elias Osborne, Nathaniel White, Henry Brandt, John Brimer, Reuben Buckingham, Benajah Bundy, Aaron Burr, Andrew Cameron, Andrew Canon, Abel Card, Ebenezer Foote, Adam Hassey, Moss Kent, Cyrus Lad, Jacob Morris, Jonathan Nicholls, Jedediah Peck, Oliver Phelps, Elijah Rawson, John Rawson, Ephraim Sturtvert, Peter Van Ness, Vander Williams, Alexander W. Wilson
Candidates: John Russell[1]Benjamin GilbertSolomon MartinErastus RootThomas R. GoldStephen ReedJohn Russell, Jr.Peter CombsJoshua O. DonaldGeorge GrennellRoswell HotchkissElias OsborneNathaniel WhiteHenry BrandtJohn BrimerReuben BuckinghamBenajah BundyAaron BurrAndrew CameronAndrew CanonAbel CardEbenezer FooteAdam HasseyMoss KentCyrus LadJacob MorrisJonathan NichollsJedediah PeckOliver PhelpsElijah RawsonJohn RawsonEphraim SturtvertPeter Van NessVander WilliamsAlexander W. Wilson
Final Result: [2]2512178105105281932222211111111111111111111111
District of Fourteen2512178105105281932222221111111111111111111111
Delaware County749-105-----2-22-----1----------1---1--
Otsego County[3][4][5]1763178-105281932-2--21111-1111111111-111-11
Town of Burlington185----------------------------------
Town of Butternuts41----------------------------------
Town of Cherry Valley1131---------------------------------
Town of Exeter10118---------------------------------
Town of Hartwick150----------------------------------
Town of Middlefield53----------------------------------
Town of Milford95----------------------------------
Town of Otego11319---------------------------------
Town of Otsego160123---------------------------------
Town of Pittsfield11013---------------------------------
Town of Plainfield114----------------------------------
Town of Richfield126----------------------------------
Town of Springfield84----------------------------------
Town of Unadilla75----------------------------------
Town of Worcester238----------------------------------


[2]Though the vote totals listed here for John Russell add up to 2507, the official tally of votes lists 2512 votes for John Russell.
[3]Benjamin Gilbert received 1 vote as Benjamin Gilbirt.
[4]John Russell received 3 votes as John Russell, Jun.
[5]Though the votes listed here for John Russell add up to 1758, the official vote tally lists 1763 votes for John Russell.


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